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Investigation #1 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - October 26, 2010

This is the log of my first investigation into the world of the Paranormal.  This is the one that started it all.  I am not including the name of the Cemetery in my log because I do not want to give an easy roadmap to thrill seekers to go there one drunken night and trash the place.   If there is a paranormal group that would be interested in knowing the actual cemetery,  you can contact me through my comments page.

The investigation started with me on a mini-lockdown, sort of in the Ghost Adventures style.  My wife dropped me off at the entrance around 5:30PM, slightly before sundown, before taking my daughter to a late afternoon activity.   She wouldn't be back until 6:30PM,  so this gave me an hour of investigation time.  As the cemetery is only a few acres in size,  I felt an hour would be a good time frame to work with as I am just beginning.   Since this cemetery was on the way to my daughter's activity,  I felt it would be the best place to start my Ghost Hunting.


I started off by saying a quick prayer before entering,  asking for a blessing for those that are buried there and any spirits that might still be lingering about.  I also asked for protection for myself and for any good spirits against any negative entities that might be about.   This was followed by a disclaimer that nobody present had any permission to follow me home.   Why did I do this?  Because that is what I learned.  While it might be absolute hogwash to some,  I remember reading the advise from another site.   What is one minute of your time to do this just to be safe?   I agree.   I lose nothing by doing this and everything to gain if there is truth to the stories.

My equipment for the investigation was the K-II EMF detector, an IR thermometer,  a digital recorder (Sony ICD-PX820) and a Samsung S860 8MP digital camera.  I got the Sony recorder because it had USB capability and I wanted to be able to instantly upload and hear my digital recorder.

I spent the first 15 minutes walking around before using any of my equipment.  One to get a feel for the layout of the cemetery,  but also to allow any spirits present to get used to me.   To be honest,  I felt a bit foolish the first time out, talking out loud to nothing that can be seen.  After that, it became second nature and the foolishness I felt went away.

It was sunny, slight breeze and my IR thermometer gave me a temperature of around 45F, with very minor fluctuations due to being outdoors.  I was the only one present at the cemetery at the time.   I walked around with my K-II looking for any type of  electro magnetic field or "EMF"  fluctuations, as their is no power source, lights or anything electrical operating in the cemetery.   I received no spikes during the time I used the recorder.

I took pictures as I continued my tour of the cemetery,  with digital recorder running as I asked various questions.  I would note out loud (marking) when there was contamination (bird flying overhead,  passing car,  girls yelling from the apartments in the distance, etc) so I would be aware of what happened during my review later on.   Not once during my time there did I get any feelings that were creepy or negative.   Nothing out of the ordinary that would make me thing something was going on.   The only thing that I noticed while I was doing my investigation was an odd photograph that I took.

When I took this picture,  I did notice the orb like objects in the view window of the camera.

So I proceeded to shoot another picture to see if any more orb like objects would appear.  Well,  there wasn't, but notice the odd way the color of the picture has changed.

Does that mean something paranormal is at work here?  Not necessarily.   Though it was just odd and noted.  In my opinion, the orbs in the first picture,  upon closer examination on my computer,  are dust orbs that were caught when I snapped the first picture.   I am not from the school that any orb caught on camera is a spirit.   For an explanation of what I consider a dust orb, please feel free to check out the "dust orb" study on my site.

After my wife picked me up and we went home,  I proceeded to download the audio files and listened to them.  When I am recording,  I record between 5-10 minute intervals.  Easier that way than in 30-60 minute intervals IMHO.    While listening,  to my surprise,  I recorded what appear to be electronic voice phenomena or commonly known as "EVPs".   There were six of them.    These were not the result of noise contamination from an outside source,  nor did I hear any of these when I was talking.

Note:  It is better to listen to these with headphones on, as the EVPs are faint.  You will not hear these very well through your speakers.

EVP #1 - You hear me first saying what time it is.  At around 5 seconds,  you hear what sounds like a faint "yes".

EVP #2 - I am giving permission for anything to touch me.  I make reference to the spider-webbing feeling people get when being touched by spirits.  At around 12 seconds, a voice comes in saying "Anthony".  I first thought it was "wasn't me", but I have friends who listened and the consensus was "Anthony".  This is later confirmed in a later investigation when the same voice says "Anthony" more clearly.

EVP #3 - As I am asking for anybody to speak into the recorder, at 4 seconds a faint voice says "yes".

EVP #4
4 - After I say I hope everybody is doing alright,  at 4 sec you hear a female "yes".  This is around a slight shuffle noise due to my moving my fingers on the recorder for a better grip.

EVP #5 - As I am saying that I will only be around for another 20 minutes,  at 4 seconds you hear a faint "yeah".

EVP #6 - This one is very faint and drawn out.  I am asking for a name and get the response "Tracie".

These EVPs, while faint and what sounds like simple one word replies, were more than enough to excite me to return again and see what else I could come up with.  Yes,  one hour of investigation is not enough time to consider the place inhabited by spirits.  That's okay,  Rome wasn't built in a day and if I go back 20 times and get evidence each time,  that is fine by me!