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Private Investigation #1 - New Jersey Location - June 15, 2011

Note:  Due to privacy concerns for the area this took place in,  the exact location of this investigation is deemed private.  Also,  certain background details have also been left out and names changed for privacy reasons..

A good friend of mine who I work with had asked me if I wouldn't mind looking into a matter for her two daughters.  As I cannot go into too much detail of the story to respect the privacy of the people involved,  a very good friend of the daughters' (Gary) had passed away tragically in an outdoor public area a couple of years ago.   There was a concern that his spirit  was still wandering in the area.  The hope was that I might be able to investigate the area with the daughters and determine if he was still there or not.

The sisters (Shelly & Cheryl) picked me up a meeting place that was easy for us to get to as it would have taken me forever to find the spot we need to go to for the investigation.  The sisters were very friendly and helped ease my nerves a lot as this was my first private investigation and I was somewhat nervous.   Nervous more so because now I would have people with me and watching my actions,  but that disappeared very quickly.

An interesting note,  I wore a New York Yankees shirt on the investigation and I packed my gear into a New York Giants duffel bag.  When Shelly saw me, she had good vibes because the Yankees and Giants were Gary's favorite teams!

Upon arriving at the location,  there were some other people about,  but not a lot where there would be a heavy chance of contamination of EVP or visual evidence.     The exact location was in doubt as official and unofficial testimony had the incident taking place at one of of two spots,  roughly about 100 feet apart from each other.  We decided the best plan of action would be to investigate both areas with an equal amount of time at each location.   Shelly and Cheryl gave me the background of the story concerning Gary and how he passed away at the location we were at.  It was a sad story so I could see why there would be a good chance that he may have still been wandering the area and not crossed over.   Shelly told me she often came to the area to say hello and felt Gary's presence here.   A comforting presence.


Chuck's Paranormal Adventure

We set up first in the area that the official reports had the incident taking place at.   The tree in the picture had been split by lightning and allowed me a spot to set up the K-2 meter (shown in red circle),  the Ovilus X and my digital recorder to capture any words that the Ovilus would speak out.

I then proceeded to take more pictures of the area using my Vivitar infrared camera.  We called out to Gary to come over and say hello.  I said we had devices that would allow him to communicate with us.  I introduced myself as a friend and invited him to come over and use the devices.  I took roughly 40 pictures with the camera and little did I know at the time that one of them would have something totally amazing in it.  We were aware of the other people about,  but most of them were seniors who were eating lunch on a bench or in their cars, so there was very little interference from them.

After taking some video footage of the area (which did not reveal anything) and talking with the sisters for about 20-25 minutes,  we decided to move over to the second area where an unofficial report had the incident taking place at.  As I was retrieving the equipment out of the tree,  Cheryl said she had heard the Ovilus make a noise.   What is great about the Ovilus X is that has the ability to play back the last words it said, so everything it had said in the tree,  I could hear right there and not have to wait until I get home.

As I listened back,  the first word I hear is the last word the Ovilus spoke before I shut it off.   I asked the sisters if the word "November" had any meaning and Shelly almost fell over.  That's because "November" was the month that Gary passed away in.   Here is the recording as picked by the digital recorder.

Ovilus1 -  "November"

There were other words announced by the Ovilus, some I could not understand and some just had no rhyme or reason to them.  Not realizing it till the evidence review,  it turns out that there was another presence there as well that I was not aware of.

Ovilus2 -  "Sandra"

Which therein lies the one big problem with the Ovilus.  If you have more than one spirit trying to use it at the same time to communicate with,  all you end up with is a jumbled mess of words that you cannot make any sense of.   Like 50 reporters all trying to ask you a question at the same time,  you don't understand them because they are all yapping.   Also to note, the K2 had no response whatsoever. 

After we moved across to the second location,  there was some debate as to what spot was best to set up at.  There were was a good sized Oak tree to one side and then the edge of a wooded area at the end of a parking area.  So I decided to cover the wooded area with the camcorder using the IR filter and then we would set up by the Oak tree to take some pictures and do a Ghost Box session to see if that would produce results.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventure

Here I am taking a random picture with the IR camera.  To the left of the picture unseen is a large river, with a well traveled street on the other side of it.  You could hear the traffic,  but nothing that would interfere with the Ghost Box Session.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventure

As I was taking pictures with the IR camera,  I let Shelly take pictures with my regular digital camera (hence the picture of me and the river!).   There was one picture that she took that showed an anomaly in it.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventure

As you can see in the red square, there is a large orb like object on the side of the tree.  In most cases I would say it might be dust, but this was the only picture taken that had an orb object in it.   Except most dust orbs are captured when flash is used and in a darker setting.   There was no flash used here and it was bright enough where dust does not show up in the picture.

I then set up the Ghost Box and digital recorder by the tree trunk and the K2 further down along the root so it would not be set off by the Ghost Box.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventure

It was hard to hear the answers and words being said back to us,  so I would have to wait to get back home in order to analyze the audio.   It turned out that a strong female spirit had indeed joined us and was trying to make contact.   I didn't realize until later (because of a cemetery not far off from our location) that others would try to get in on letting their voices be heard.   Here are the more interesting responses up until almost 9 minutes in when things took on a whole new twist.

PrivateGB#1 - After I ask a question, between 4-5 seconds you hear the female say "Mary Ann....is hot."

PrivateGB#2 - As I am asking Gary to make contact, this is best chance,  at 8 seconds you hear a voice say what sounds like "Howdy Yank" or "Hi ya Yank".   Amazing since I am working a Yankees shirt.  At the end of the clip you hear a faint male voice respond..."This is Rob."    A relative of Gary's perhaps?

PrivateGB#3 - About a minute later as I am asking Gary if he knows what year it is,  a voice comes out and says the name Freddie Meyer.  Another spirit from the nearby cemetery trying to make contact?

PrivateGB#4 - Realizing that other spirits might be trying to drop in on the Ghost Box,  I call out that we only want to speak to Gary or any friends or relatives of his.  At the end of the clip,  a female responds..."That's peachy!"

PrivateGB#5 - As the session was going on,  Shelly and Cheryl were asking questions for validation that Gary was there.  One question involved where did he go to pick the girls up from a trip they took.   The response that we got back should have been Philadelphia as that is where they arrived at.  Instead,  the response is the city the sisters flew out of, Houston!  (heard at the 12 second mark following a music sound).

PrivateGB#6-  After asking several questions I make it known to Gary that his answers will help validate he is with us.  While I am asking the question,  at the 3 second mark you hear a male voice reply "yeah".  As I continue to let him know his words it will let Shelly and Cheryl know he is there,  at 8 seconds you hear a female voice say "Us".   Apparently other spirits wanted to let us know it was more than just Gary there.

PrivateGB#7 - At almost 9 minutes into the Ghost Box session,  the K2 started to flicker and light up to the 2nd light.  This is where we first notice it.  Again it did not do this at the first location we were at.   Then after it started, the Ghost Box had an amazing result.  Between 13-15 seconds there is what sounds like a 3 word sentence said, but I cannot make it out.   At 16-17 seconds you can clearly hear a male voice say "Look.....hear me!"

Then the flickering stopped.  At 20 seconds a female voice says "no one".  I then ask Gary if he can light up the K2 again.  As I am asking you can hear a voice in a singing tone say "I....can."  starting at 23 seconds.

This was amazing as this was the first time I had seen my K2 light up and strongly during an investigation.  Again it is one thing to see it on a TV show, quite another to see it happen before your eyes.

I then immediately went grab the video camera from the other location so I could film as long as I could the K-2 lighting up.  This is the video as it was shot, no editing, as posted on Youtube.  Sorry in advance for the
"Private Ryan" effect where at points video gets moved around.  I tried to get the camera tripod set up, but it was broken so I had to do it by hand.  

Following are clips that were picked up by the Ghost Box during the filming of the K2 and area.

PrivateGB#8 -  Almost 2 minutes past the start of the K2 blinking,  I am again asking if he can make the K2 light up.  At the 3 second mark you hear a male voice faintly say "help",  followed by a female voice saying "help me."

PrivateGB#9 -  After the scan had stopped for a bit and restarted,  a voice says "I'm going to have....blood."  Is this somebody saying this as if they are going to get even or perhaps they lost blood when they passed and are expecting it from rescue service?

PrivateGB#10 -  A -  This one has a little flair.   You can hear Cheryl mentioning that "...not my type,  he knows that."  At 5 seconds you hear a male voice respond..."Ouch!".   As if to acknowledge her playful dig as most guys would!   At 11 seconds,  you hear a voice say...."Radio....play it.....damn it".  As the scan started getting stopped,  perhaps he just wanted to hear the radio play at that point?

PrivateGB#11 -  Here the girls are asking a personal question about where Gary got a tattoo done.  For a good stretch the Ghost Box is dead silent except for white noise.  I then ask if he doesn't want to answer the question because its too personal.  At 6 seconds just before Shelly starts to speak, you hear a voice say..."Yes".  At 8 seconds as Shelly is talking, you hear a female voice say "November".  It is quick and you may need to listen to it a couple of times to catch it.   I don't believe this came off the Ghost Box, but was in fact an EVP said directly to the recorder.   Because a split second later  you hear a singing voice saying (at 9 seconds)....."do not....tan.....hello!"  

PrivateGB#12 -  Another spirit dropping in to curse somebody.   Also something you are not going to hear on the radio less the FCC fine the hell out of somebody for saying this.... "F&$*  You!"

PrivateGB#13 -  After the scan had been stopped again,  I switched from FM to AM for the next sweep of the radio dial.  I had been reluctant to try it due to our close proximity to New York AM radio stations.  A lot of bleed through of words coming through, but this piece I caught was interesting.  At the beginning of the clip, you hear a female voice say...."Blood.....hear me.   At 9 seconds you hear what sounds like the same female voice saying...."hear me."

PrivateGB#14 -  This last piece really had my head scratching.   It starts off with a female voice saying over the background chatter "Hey hello".  This is quickly followed by a male voice who sounds like he is responding to the female voice by saying...."Cool...did you connect to the other side?"  The female voice responds by saying..."both sides!".   At 4 seconds another female voice says...."yeah you get to go whenever you're in it".

Was this the spirits talking about the Ghost Box and the ability to talk to us through it?   I don't know, but if it's just a coincidence,  its a pretty wild one!

Shortly afterward, the scan on the radio was stopped again and Shelly felt they didn't like the radio scan anymore so we shut it off just to be safe.   During this whole time, the K2 would go on and off as you can see in the video.   I shut off the camera and started to pack up my equipment and let it be known that the digital recorder would still be running if he wanted to leave any last messages.  The K2 lit up quickly as to if acknowledge it.

While we were thanking Gary to trying to communicate with us,  the K2 would light up for a couple of seconds, again to let us know he heard us.  As I still had my digital recorder going,  I managed to pick up 2 EVP.   The first one I cannot make out.

EVP#17 -  Right after you hear me finish talking you can hear a whispered voice.  It sounds like 3 words, with the last word sounding like "us".

Update:  I was contacted by a reader (Carol) who identified the unknown words in EVP #17 as to say "you better come back and see us".   Thank you Carol for helping out!

The next one was a stunner.

EVP#18 - As I am talking about crossing over, at 7 seconds you hear a female voice clearly say the name..."Sandra".    Cheryl was back at the car at this point and Shelly was standing about 10 feet from me.  I later asked her upon my first review of this EVP if she knew anybody named "Sandra" and she said no.  There was no reason for her to say the name.  Nobody else was close to us, let alone close enough to be heard that loudly.   That EVP,  coupled with the Ovlius saying the name earlier,  leaves me with no doubt that one of the spirits there was named Sandra.  I also have no doubt that she was also making use of the Ghost Box to try to communicate as well.

Incidentally,  Sandra is also the name of a friend of mine from Bearfort Paranormal, where she and her husband Robert had both told me that on an earlier trip to Gettysburg,  her name was caught in EVP there as well.  Small universe maybe as far as spirits are concerned!

Of course then after the digital recorder was put away all that was left working was the K2.  Shelly was holding it and saying her goodbye to Gary as it was time to go.  No sooner had she said that,  the K2 meter went straight up to the 3rd light (yellow) and stayed strongly lit.  If the K2 lighting up on and off earlier wasn't amazing enough, this certainly was.   This was clearly Gary acknowledging her and perhaps not wanting her to leave.  When the K2 started to go down and Shelly would say goodbye again, the K2 would go right back to a constant strong Yellow display.   The emotional energy was surely there!   I really wish I had my video camera not packed away because words alone cannot describe the moment.   If the main purpose of paranormal investigating is to help other people,  the events that happened at this time surely showed why we get involved. 

This was not the end as there was one more shocking piece of evidence that was caught after I got home.   When I go out on an investigation, the first thing I will do when I get back is to take the digital cameras and remove the SD cards and put them into the laptop for a quick inspection.  As I was going through the IR camera and the photos I snapped with them,  one picture just leapt out at me.  Goosebumps and chills ran all over me when I saw this.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventure

On the right side of the picture, by the tree you will notice a figure that does not belong there.  There were a few people where we were, but nobody was in this picture when I took it.  Just the trees and parking lot.  When I cropped and zoomed the picture a bit,  an amazing figure comes out!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

Here is what clearly looks like a person.   Shelly's first reaction upon seeing it was "It's an Angel!"  It certainly does have the appearance.   Several people who have seen it also thought it looked like somebody wear a hospital gown or one of those nightgowns men used to wear back in the 1800's, early 1900's.   I wish I had a better resolution from the camera,  but I won't complain because to even catch something like this in a photo is something I would never pass up.

Was it Gary waiting for us across the parking lot?    Shelly said every time she came to visit, she always felt at peace.  Was it an Angel who was there to help bring comfort to her?  Was it another spirit who was there because it knew we were reaching out?   Your guess is as good as anything.

I'm glad that Shelly and Cheryl asked me to come with them to investigate the place and I thank them very much.   Of all the investigations I have done so far,  this one is the most memorable.   We all shared in the experiences of the K2 reaction,  the EVP and Ghost Box responses and  the picture of the Angel!  Plus in retrospect now, I truly believe that Gary is not wandering the area,  but just comes back to visit when the sisters go to the area to pay their respects.   Strong bonds of friendship will always endure, even after death.   This just confirmed it in my eyes.