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Expect the Unexpected

Villisca Ax Murder House

Villisca, Iowa

July 13-14, 2021

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"Triangle of Terror" investigation #2

After having a bite to eat and refreshing myself, I came back into the house to start off by setting some items around the cast iron stove in the living room. I placed a K2 EMF meter on the stove, along with some kids toys and the MEL-Meter. If there were any children spirits still there, I wanted to present myself as a friend and not someone they had to be afraid of. I also wanted to conduct my first spirit box session of the investigation too. As I was setting up, the K2 started flashing at various strengths. I found this interesting as the stove itself was non-powered, this was strictly a wood burning stove and one that had probably not been used in a long time. So the stove should not have been a source of EMF that would be caught on the K2. If it had been, the K2 would have lit up continuosly, but it did not.

 K2 Flash in the Living room.  Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Villisca Ax Murder House -
A screen shot from my camcorder (in night shot mode), capturing the K2 meter flashing. The K2 was on a wood burning, cast iron stove, where allegedly a piece of the stove broke off and was tossed into the kitchen, scaring bikers out of the house.

As I was telling the children they had no reason to be afraid of me, I captured a very faint EVP, a call for help!

Villisca EVP #10 -  About a second after I finish talking, there is a very faint EVP. After some noise reduction and amplification, you can clearly hear somebody calling out, "Help me". This sounds like a young person, but who it is I cannot be certain of.

For my first spirit box session, I decided to go old school with the "Shack Hack" device and of course it did not disappoint! One of the first replies I got was absolutely incredible!

 Shack Hack spirit box session in  he Living room.  Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Villisca Ax Murder House -
Here I am conducting a spirit box session by the wood burning stove.

(As always,  each Spirit Box clip is played in its original format, then replayed twice afterward by itself.   These files typically do not need to be amplified or adjusted as they are usually heard very well. If something needs to be tweaked I will note it in the clip description.

Villisca Spirit Box #1 -  You first hear me asking any spirits there to say my name as a means of validation that they can hear me and understand me. The reply I received was extraordinary and quite clear. A female voice announces she is quite sad! Whether this is Mrs. Moore or the voice imprint of a neighbor / relative, I have no idea. However there is no doubt they were quite sad from the shocking murders!

Villisca Spirit Box #2 -  The clip starts with me asking for them to say my name to validate they can hear me and understand me. About 6 seconds after I finish speaking and a couple of words I cannot make out, there is a faint male voice that says my name. Replayed three times.

Villisca Spirit Box #3 -  This one is a bit disturbing. This was a faint voice that I did not hear live at the time. On the audio playback I caught it. Cleaned up a bit, this sounds like an entity is saying, "I love death."! Obviously something sick and demented to say something like that at this house.

Villisca Spirit Box #4 -  After asking who the person with the deep voice is the 2nd time (my voice not heard), a faint voice is captured. After some enhancement, it sounds like the voice is saying, "We're not deaf." I guess the entity does not like being asked the same question two times in a row!

Villisca Spirit Box #5 -  This clip has 3 responses to me. Right after I ask if the spirits there are trying to figure me out, a voice comes through and says, "We Know." When I acknowledge that I heard their response, another male voice comes out and says, "I'll fight there." followed two seconds later with a female voice faintly saying, "Hello." My question relates to the fight response. Is the entity saying they will fight me or the murderer there?

Villisca Spirit Box #6 -  A couple of minutes later I am telling any spirits there that I am along for the evening, there is no other team with me. There is silence for a bit before someone comes out and uses the F word, which I clearly hear. I asked why they said that, but got no response as to why.

Villisca Spirit Box #7 -  Now almost 15 minutes into the session and getting some so-so respones, this one blows me away as I did not hear it at the time. I am asking if there is any particular room I should go to and the response is, "Visit Ina.". Ina is the first name of the Stillinger sisters who was murdered in the downstairs bedroom!

 Original photos of Lena and Ina Stillinger.  Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Villisca Ax Murder House -
Lena (12) and Ina Stillinger (8).

Villisca Spirit Box #8 -  Nearing the end of this first spirit box session, I announce that I am going to move into Ina and Lena's room. My initial reaction was to hear somebody say "Thank you". On the audio review, it was a bit more with somebody saying, "Thank you Mom!". Why that is said, I only speculate. Maybe somebody was thanking their Mom for suggesting I go into Ina & Lena's room first?

Right after I finished the session and reannounced my intentions to go into the guest bedroom, I noticed the K2 meter on the cast iron stove started to flash again. Before I would begin, since cell phone reception was non-existent for my phone here, I did a brief walk-thru again around the house, using my cell phone to video tape everything so I could upload it to social media once I got back to my hotel room. Though as I decided to walk around and vido tape with my phone, I left my audio recorder running downstairs in the living room when I caught one of the loudest EVP I have ever captured in over a decade of investigating.

Villisca EVP #11 -  In the beginning of this clip, you can hear me in the distance as I was in the guest bedroom. I was talking about strange noises others have heard in this room before. At the 5 second mark you hear the loud voice come through as if whomever is speaking is right in front of the microphone. Even as loud as this, I never heard it. On the playback and some slight clean up, its sounds like this person is saying, "I don't hear any outlaw!" Is this spirit answering my statement about the weird noises that might be caused by the killer? The choice of the word "outlaw" is most interesting.

============================== To Be Continued ======================== =============================
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