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The "After" Investigation - Haldeman Mansion, (Bainbridge, PA)
- November 7, 2015

with Ian & Gabby!

Note:  This blog cover the mini investigation that Ian & Gabby and myself conducted the following morning after our night investigation with Bearfort Paranormal.   I am writing this portion up first as Bearfort has released their video of the night before which can be seen here.    I will be writing up my blog of the night and making a video of our night shortly!

After the house quieted down around 230 - 3AM from the night before,  we decided to call it a night.  Equipment was packed up for the next hour.   Around 4AM,   Robert,  Sandra and Will from Bearfort Paranormal had packed up their equipment and left to head to York before heading on to Gettysburg the next day.   Ian, Gabby and myself unpacked our sleeping equipment and slept in the room that was our HQ for the night.   We had hoped to get a few hours sleep,   load up the car and then be on our way back to New Jersey.

Of course things never pan out the way you expect them to.

For the next couple of hours we tried to sleep in vain,  maybe catching a few winks here and there.   A train did go by the property around 530AM (give or take),  which of course vibrated the house considering how close the tracks are to the building.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
The tracks are about 100 yards from the house.  In the background is the Susquehanna River.  Photo taken around 8:45AM.

The noises were just not limited to the train passing.   Several times over the next hour,  there were loud bangs and knocks coming from the upper floors in the mansion.   As we were the only people inside and all doors locked from the inside,  we knew there was no way anybody could have gotten inside the building.   Gabby got up to walk around as she could not sleep,  wanting to get in a little more investigating since it seemed the spirits were already up and about.

Ian and I tried to sleep a little more,  but of course curiosity got the best of us and we had to get up too.  About 7AM.   We got ourselves together and headed upstairs to where Gabby was in a back room doing EVP session and getting the vibes that somebody was up there with her.

As Ian and Gabby were strolling about,  ,  I went down to the basement to take daytime photos of the mansion for the website.  Well that and hopefully catching a spirit!  I also brought along my digital audio recorder and let that roll to see what we could catch.   I would have brought a camcorder along,  but the batteries from the night before were pretty much drained out. 

But rolling on the audio recorder,  even though I was not investigating,  produced some of the most bizarre,  creepy,  sensational EVPs I have ever captured at any location.   I've picked up some amazing ones from the gunslinger at the Old Washoe Club,  to the "Hey There" girl at the Thompson Taylor House.    Lester Stillwell (Matawan Shark attack victim) from Rose Hill Cemetery.    If the night before had not already blown me,  the 2 hours we spent in the morning walking around were amazing.   In fact, if I had just investigated there in the morning for those 2 hours,  I still would have lamented that the Haldeman is a very haunted house.

Enough digression,  now down to the morning as it unfolded!  :-)

First I went down to the basement,  where Robert, Sandra and Will had captured stick figures on their mobile Kinect device.   First EVPs are captured there.

Note:  EVPs can be faint so using headphones or good ear buds are the best way to hear them.  Each clip has the original file,  then the EVP played twice.  Either amplified,  noise reduction or both.

Haldeman Mansion AM #1 -  Pretty basic straight forward EVP telling me to go away.   Seemed to be a theme for a few spirits in the house that do not like visitors.  Perhaps they see us as trespassers?

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Stairway to the basement.  Timestamp is incorrect at it was 11/7  about 7:30AM.   Photo in full spectrum.

The feeling in the basement was not as intense as it was the night before,  but you could still feel the atmosphere was off as if there was a spirit nearby.  Other photos and time spent down here yielded no further results.

I then went up to the 2nd floor to find Gabby and Ian in the back room so I went to see what was up.  Ian had noted that about the time the train came through while we were trying to sleep,  he mentioned that it sounded like somebody had said "Get out of my house".   Gabby herself had felt like somebody was yelling at her to get out of the house as she was walking around.    So no coincidence that I catch an EVP as I go into the basement telling me to "Go Away".

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
The back room on the 2nd floor.   My static camcorder and laser grid alarm had suffered battery drainage in here the night before.

As we are talking,  we catch a pretty cool, breathy,  EVP.

Haldeman Mansion AM #2 -  In this clip in the back room,  Gabby mentions she can feel something in there with us.   As soon as Gabby finishes asking a question "....this one?"  there is a very breathy "Yeahhhhh".

Haldeman Mansion AM #3 -  We had tried a burst EVP session to identify the spirit in the room with us.  Nobody was biting.   In this clip, after the burst session ended,  Gabby is asking if she can really feel the spirit.  Ian acknowledges yes.  At the 6 second mark is the breath voice again,  this time telling Gabby - "No".

At this point,  Gabby and Ian set up to take a Spirit Box session (click here for Youtube Video) in the backroom to see if somebody would communicate.  Great session with a boatload of great responses.   In the meantime,  I went back to taking photos of the house.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Room on the 2nd floor

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Staircase section leading up to attic and down to the first floor.

As I decided to get ready to go up to the attic where the activity was very intense the night before,  little did I realize this set off a whole chain reaction of EVPs that would come just as fast and intense as the river flowing past outside!

Haldeman Mansion AM #4 -  Hear you hear me say I am going up to the attic.   A few seconds later,  you hear what sounds like an old fashioned telephone ring.  Once.    I let this clip play extra time before the EVP so you can hear out silent it is where I am at.   This is not Ian & Gabby's spirit box session because you should be able to hear it as clearly as this bell sound.   Except you do not.   There is also no phone inside the building.

Haldeman Mansion AM #5 -  As I am at the top of the stairs,  this sounds like an Owl hooting.   Except I did not hear this at the time.   Perhaps an Owl outside and I missed it,  but I was already on heightened alert going up here.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Just inside the attic.  The doorway in front leads out.   Don't leave that door open when you leave!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Sitting area in the attic for communication sessions.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Back of the attic.  Certainly looks like the type of place you don't want to be alone in.  :-)   Small ball of light in the back is a light bulb and not a spirit orb.

When I first got up into the attic,  I tried to do a few EVP burst sessions,  but not responses were recorded.   So without luck,  I decided to take a few photos.  As I was announcing I was taking photographs,  I got the most chilling,  creepy, yet enchanting EVP I have ever caught.

Haldeman Mansion AM #6 -  Hear you can hear what sounds like a little girl singing to me with some sort of musical instrument in the background.   It sounds like she is saying  "Come play with me...master".    I have listened to this clip dozens of times and each time I get the chills and hair standing on end like there is no tomorrow.   Lora later told me it's pretty rare to catch the little girl talking to somebody.   Not only talking, but she is singing to me!

You can bet the next time I go back to the Haldeman,  I will be going back to the attic by myself to see if I can get her to talk or sing to me again!

Another burst session had no responses,  so I was getting ready to leave the attic when a series of EVPs was thrown at me.   Four EVPs from the same voice in a 15 second span.

Haldeman Mansion AM #7 -  As I am getting ready to walk out of the attic,  the first EVP is a female saying what sounds like "Closing Time".   I guess we have really overstayed our welcome this morning!

Haldeman Mansion AM #8 - Four seconds later the same voice is telling me to "Close the door" as I am at the entrance way into the attic.

Haldeman Mansion AM #9 - Two seconds later she again repeats,  "Close the door".   Hard to hear fully from my noise,  but I believe that is what she is saying.

Haldeman Mansion AM #10 - Like a robot she repeats "Close the Door",  just before you hear me latching the door closed.

Now I close the door and make sure its closed good.  So what type of response do I get?

Haldeman Mansion AM #11 - Here you hear me latch up and close the door.  The reply sounds like  "Thank You"!    A polite ghost indeed!

As I walk down the stairs from the attic,  I can hear Gabby and Ian heading down the stairs towards the first floor when this EVP is captured.   A fresh spirit calling out to Gabby.

Haldeman Mansion AM #12 - The voice calls out,  "Hey Baby".   Definitely not Ian or myself.   A male spirit with a fresh mouth.    His voice would come out a lot more very shortly in a disturbing manner.   Amazing how clear and loud this voice is,  yet Gabby, Ian and myself do not hear it.

As we were talking,  we heard a bang from the back room so we rushed back there to see if it would happen again.   We assumed it was either Jacob or the angry male that Gabby was picking up on.   Then after nothing happened,  we heard a loud knock on a wall coming from a room next to what was once Jacob's room.   So we rushed over to the room.  After entering and asking for him to do it again,  we caught this playful EVP.

Haldeman Mansion AM #13 - In this clip you hear Gabby tag herself for a noise.  Just after that you hear the EVP,  followed by me speaking.   There is a leaf blower being used outside and that is what that background noise is.   Upon playback, the voice sounds like it is saying  "Find Me".    If that's the case,  then this spirit is playing games with us.  Knocking in one room,  then when we enter,  running to another to knock on the wall!

About 30 seconds later,  now we hear the knocking in the room we are in.

Haldeman Mansion AM #14 -  Not really an EVP,  but a faint knock is picked up that we all heard.  We call out to ask Jacob if that is him knocking for us.

We heard the floor creak in the room by the window in the photo below and the window also shuddered a few times.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Room next to Jacob's room where we were getting knocks,  floor creaking and window pane shaking.

We looked to see if there was a wind blowing that would rattle the window,  but the leaves and branches in the trees outside were completely still.   We had no natural explanation for the bangs, knocks and creaks we were getting in this room for a little bit.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Ian and Gabby trying to debunk the unexplained noises coming from this room.

Ian had filmed part of this session on his tablet and can be seen on Youtube here.

We stayed in here for about 15 -20 minutes,  but the noises ceased as quickly as they came.   I guess Jacob had his fun with hide and seek!

We headed back down to the first floor.   There was a museum room with lots of stuff that was in process of getting stored for the winter time.   I had completely forgotten to take photos or do any EVP work in here.   So while I took photos,  I left the audio recorder running.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Museum room.  Objects being ready to get put away for the winter.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Picture of the museum room from the other side of the room.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
The creepy doll!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Next to the museum.   The table was used before for an introductory Spirit Box Session with Robert, Sandra and Will from Bearfort Paranormal,  Ian & Gabby and myself.

During this time a slew of EVPs had come out from the same voice that said "Hey Baby" earlier to Gabby.  But this time it was not fresh,  it sounded like a man in torment.  Five of them in less than a minute.

Haldeman Mansion AM #15 -  This clip contains 3 EVPs in this 10 second clip.   First you hear Gabby say "yeah" in response to something I had said.  I say a word and pause.  At near the 3 second mark is the first time the man speaks.  He says the same thing again at 7 and 9 seconds.   He is saying "Leave me".   He sounds like a man just telling us to forget him and leave.    Funny how he went from fresh to sad in a matter of minutes.    Each EVP replayed twice.

Haldeman Mansion AM #16  - This clip contains the next 2 times the spirit says "Leave me".   At the 2 second mark and the 10 second mark.  In between  you can hear the beep of my camera as I am snapping photographs.   It is so loud and so clear,  but again we heard none of this with our own ears.

Haldeman Mansion AM #17 -  About a minute after the barrage of "Leave me" from one spirit,  the softer male voice comes back with this faint EVP that sounds like he is saying " now."   Like he is trying to appeal to the sad male spirit as Ian, Gabby and myself are not talking or asking questions.

There were a couple of very faint EVPs captured during all this too,  but too faint to understand what is being said let alone heard very well.   However there were two more EVPs captured a few minutes later.   One is no doubt from the angry spirit that Gabby had picked up on.  The last one might be from the "Leave me" guy,  not sure.

Haldeman Mansion AM #18 -  At the 3 second mark,  you can clearly hear the angry spirit calling Gabby  "Bitch" in not so friendly tone.  At the 7 second mark is the 2nd spirit saying what sounds like "Write me"!   Really?  One minute he is begging us to leave him,  now we are getting ready to leave and he says 'Write me"!   LOL

We then packed up the car and the walked around the property to take a few more pictures.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
 The view from the front of the house facing the train tracks.  Doesn't look very big from this angle.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Full spectrum photo from the corner to show how huge the mansion really is!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
 Side view of the mansion,  though when you drive up,  this is the side of the house you see.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Ian & Gabby and myself,  taking the required selfie photo in front of the Haldeman!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA
Ok,  one with just me and a full shot of the building!  :-)


So what did I conclude from my overnight stay at the Haldeman Mansion?   Well if the Old Washoe Club was the #1 most haunted place I have ever investigated at,  the Haldeman would be #2 or #1B.   It is that close.   The amount of stunning and amazing EVPs we captured in the morning was incredible enough,   the night before didn't even need to take place.

While the place is incredibly haunted,  its not a place where one feels threatened.  Sure you're on high alert,  adrenaline pumping,  but that's because there are a lot of spirits there.  Yes an angry one or two,  but they are just verbal.   If you have some thick skin, you can handle being called names.

I plan on returning again in the near future with Bearfort Paranormal and Ian & Gabby.   I would investigate this place by myself if I could for the night.   I highly recommend that if you want a great place to investigate,  be sure to check this place out.   It's an experience you won't want to miss,  especially if you are a fan of the paranormal!

Thank you again Lora for being a great host and giving us the opportunity to investigate there!