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Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast
Fall River, Massachusetts - April 7,  2016

For the past year,  I have been asked by folks when am I going to get the chance to investigate another well known,  haunted location.   "The Old Washoe Club was 2 years ago,  we want something new!".    Luckily for me I was able to find a location that fit into my range of travel and that was none other than the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast.

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

I had booked the location a month early,  I decided I wanted to stay in Lizzie's bedroom as you can pick the room you want to sleep in for the night.   I had hoped that I would be the only person staying on location this night,  but as the weeks counted down to my trip,  a couple of other rooms were booked.  So I knew I would not be spending the night there by myself.   I originally was going to cancel the trip and wait for a better time to go,  but something inside me told me I should continue with my trip.  Of course I am glad I did do it!

The trip took a little over 4 1/2 hours from my location in New Jersey,  though construction just off the GW Bridge in NY,  construction on I-95 in New Haven,  heavy rain and then a traffic accident on I-95 in Rhode Island slowed the trip there.   I was in no rush because check-in is not till 4PM as the B&B conducts tours from late morning till after noon.

Assuming most people reading this know the history or the story of the murders that took place in this house back on August 4, 1892,  I will not go into vast detail here.   A simple Wikipedia search will give the story in detail.  However,  for the younger folks who do not know the story,  here it is in a nutshell.

In 1892 at the Borden House,   during the mid-morning hours,  somebody took a hatchet and killed Abby Borden (Lizzie's stepmother) in a guest room on the 2nd floor.  Shortly after,  Andrew Borden (Lizzie's Father) was murdered with a hatchet in a sitting room on the 1st floor.    There was a lot of tension in the family,  Lizzie and her stepmother did not get along,  a slew of emotions and events led up to the murders.   Lizzie was suspected,  tried and acquitted though the circumstantial evidence seemed to point directly to her.  

Andrew Borden murder crime scene
Crime Scene photo of Andrew Borden,  murdered in the sitting room.

Abby Borden murder crime scene
Crime Scene of Abby Borden.  Murdered in the guest room with a hatchet to the back of the head.   Some guests spend the night on the floor right where her body was found that fateful morning.

To this day, the case has never been solved.   Many paranormal investigators, psychics and mediums have tried to find an answer to the murders through paranormal evidence.   Of course nothing can ever be conclusive only because we cannot verify 100% who is communicating to us.    I wasn't going to the Lizzie Borden B&B to solve the murder,  just to explore the paranormal activity that has made the location one of Massachusetts  most haunted locations.   Also,  besides the spirits of the Borden family,  there was a story about another Borden family member who lived next door years earlier.  A mother  drowned 2 of her 3 children before she committed suicide inn what sounds like a case of very bad postpartum depression.   The spirits of the 2 children are supposedly playing in a room on the 3rd floor.   Plus I had read about the presence of a spirit or some type of energy that stays in the basement.

I was the first guest to arrive and checked in with Colleen and Tim who were in the house.   Colleen,  also a paranormal enthusiast and just recently having joined a team,  would be our guide for the evening tour they provide exclusively for the house guests.   Tim cleaned and prepared the rooms and would be our cook for the 1890's style breakfast we would be sitting down to the next morning.

Colleen was excited that I was a paranormal investigator and that I had brought my equipment to use.   I asked if I could walk around and take photos of all the rooms before the other guests arrived and was told I could.   The whole house is there to walk around in,  you just have to be considerate of the other guests staying in their rooms and ask them for permission before just walking in.  As I was there before anybody else,  I decided I would walk around and take photos with my regular and full spectrum cameras.   After bringing my equipment and bags up to Lizzie's bedroom,  I walked over into the guest room where Abby was murdered.

Lizzie Borden's Bedroom
Lizzie Borden's Bedroom where I spent the night.

I was barely in the room for a minute or two taking photos,  standing near the spot her body was found,  when that wave of energy came around my body.   The same I have felt before when a spirit is nearby.  The hair on my arms and back of my neck went straight up.  So  I went right back into my room and got an audio recorder to try to catch any EVP.  I am glad I did!

Guest room and location of Abby Borden's body
The location in the guest room where Abby Borden's body was found murdered.  I had placed my audio recorder on the bed post shortly after I felt the energy around me.

Note - As usual,  headphones or good ear buds are the best to hear the EVPs as some are faint.  If you try to listen off your PC speakers or phone speaker,  you won't hear it as well with the background noise.   Original clip is played first,  followed by 2 replays of the EVP which will either be amplified and / or have noise reduction added.

Lizzie Borden EVP #1 -  I have set my audio recorder on a post at the edge of the bed.   Here I am asking if they would like to be in my photo.   The EVP follows me speaking.   This sounds like a male voice saying "Unbearable".    Is this the voice of Andrew,  even though he was murdered downstairs,  telling me this ordeal for him is unbearable?

Lizzie Borden EVP #2 -  Not 15 seconds later,  the same voice again speaks to me.    At 3.5 seconds into the clip you can hear the voice,  followed by me with a deep exhale.   I am doing this because I can feel this energy around me and it is slightly intense.    Replayed,  it sounds like he is saying "Go with me".

Lizzie Borden EVP #3 -  About a minute later,  I ask if they want to touch me,  they are allowed to do so.   This is followed by a response that has a louder tone to it.   The voice says "Um",  like trying to decide if he should do it or not.

After  these EVPs were captured,  the energy feeling in the room went away.   It was the last time I felt anything in this room.   I then went to Lizzie's and Emma's rooms,  snapped some photos before going into Andrew 7 Abby's bedroom.   I set down the recorder and captured this EVP from the same male spirit.

Andrew Borden
Photo of Andrew Borden.  Was this who was communicating with me early on?  Warning!  If you are investigating,  do not say out loud that he was "cheap".   If you must comment,  refer to him as a "frugal" man.

Lizzie Borden EVP #4 -  You will hear the EVP before I speak about talking loud into the recorder.   This EVP sounds like the male is saying  "We walked out".   I guess this refers to the fact that both the spirit and I had left the guest room and walked out,  into the parents bedroom.

A few minutes later,   I ran into Tim coming in to put some finishing touches in the bedroom and I asked him about his experiences and those of other guests.   About what I suspected,  nothing to be concerned about.   Feelings of cold spots,  guests being touched while they are sleeping,  energy sensations,  things moving.   Though like most haunted locations where you can sleep over,  most guests have no experiences and have a quiet, peaceful sleep for the evening.

I then went up to the 3rd floor and the first room I went into was the maid's,  Bridget Sullivan.   I set down my recorder and asked again if they wanted to be in my photos or speak into the recorder.   Then I got an EVP,  the same voice as from the guest room.

Bridget Sullivan's room
Bridget Sullivan's Room.

Lizzie Borden EVP #5 -  While I am snapping photos,  here is what sounds like the same voice again,  saying "Here".  I guess trying to let me know he is still with me.

This was the last EVP I captured for the afternoon as the rest of the guests started arriving and the house was getting to noisy for any additional EVP work.

After dinner and then a nice chat with some of the guests in the sitting room,  Colleen proceeded to take us on a tour of the house.  Every room was explained,  every photograph was explained from Lizzie,  to her family,  the maid,  the doctor,  lawyer,  jury, etc etc.   The furniture,  though most of it is original to the time period,  was not owned by the Bordens.  The original furniture apparently was moved to a storage facility.  The facility caught fire one day and the Borden's furniture was destroyed.   A previous owner wanted to restore the house to how it would have looked as it did in 1892.  So she purchased all the current furnishings.    It was an excellent tour and Colleen told us what was fact,  what was rumor and if she did not know the answer to a question,  she would endeavor to research for the answer.

The Parlor
The Parlor, a more formal sitting area,  adjacent to the sitting room where Mr. Borden was murdered.

Along with the history of the house, Colleen would also point out places where paranormal activity has taken place.   While the rules stipulated we could audio or video tape the tour in progress,  Colleen did say I could use my Mel-Meter to take readings.   Throughout the tour,  I did get a spike up to 0.8 in the parents bedroom that quickly went back down to a 0.0.   For a few seconds I could get a momentary spike up to 0.3,  then vanish as quickly as it came.    I could not find any source in the room that could possibly give off a reading like that.   Not saying it was 100% paranormal,  but maybe a future investigation there might shed more light.    The room was occupied for the night by a nice couple from Pittsburgh,  so I could not go back in for more research.

We then proceeded to the 3rd floor,  where Colleen took us to one of the most active rooms in the house,  the Hosea Knowlton room.   Hosea Knowlton was the District Attorney to tried the case against Lizzie Borden in 1892.  It is here that the spirits of 2 children are said to play and interact with guests who spend time in the room.

In 1848, in a house next door,  Eliza Darling Borden  (not a blood relation),  most likely suffering from Postpartum Depression,  threw her 3 children down the cellar cistern on the property and two of them died.  She then took a razor blade and slit her throat with it according to the story.  It is believed the two children are the spirits who now reside in the Borden B&B.

Hosea Knowlton Room
Hosea Knowlton room.  Photo taken with full spectrum camera.   Some of the guests investigating with me in this room later would experience cold spots form around them,  though the temperature stayed a constant 68F.

After our tour of the main floors,  we were taken down to the basement,  which had 2 interesting aspects to it.   The first one was an area where you could take a picture into a storage area and get what looks like the image of a bearded man looking at you.    The experiment was tried and it worked.   I did the same thing the next morning and caught the image.

Basement "false positive" photo

If you look at the picture for a while,  you can see what looks like the outline of a nose, eyes,  beard.   This in fact is a false positive and not paranormal as Colleen explained.    Which makes sense,  because if it was Paranormal,  then everybody should not be able to capture the same image.   It happens because of the shadows caused by marks and scuffing on the walls,  along with a little dirt for the effect.

The second thing we were told about was an entity they called "Mr. Stinky".   They say you know Mr. Stinky is around when you catch that smell of sulfur, rotting eggs,  rotting meat.   It only stays in the basement and has not been known to travel into the rest of the house.   Of course many of us will suspect that an entity that smells bad is some sort of negative entity. This is based from the years of reports of other investigators who encounter such smells in other locations.   However,  whatever this was had never posed a problem to anybody other than giving off a creepy feeling.   This was certainly a prime spot for me to check out later in the evening.

Basement area where "Mr. Stinky" hides out
The location in the basement where "Mr. Stinky" is most often encountered.  The Green light is used in conjunction with a ghost cam that is set up in the basement for viewing through the Lizzie Borden house website.

Interestingly,  one of the guests, Lori,  did notice a skunk-like smell in another part of the basement we were in earlier.

That concluded the tour for the night and we were free till we were too tired to stay up.   I immediately wanted to start in the Hosea Knowlton room and try to make contact with the spirits of the children while I still had good access to the 3rd floor.   Joining me where Colleen,  Macy and Sam from Kentucky,  Arin from Mass and Ally from Pittsburgh.  The remaining guests were downstairs on the 1st floor or in their rooms.

I set up a bunch of equipment around the closet area where the kids are said to come out.   It's been suspected that the closet is a portal from what psychics and mediums picked up on previous investigations.

Investigating in the Hosea Knowlton Room - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
Items to the front and right of the closet include the Mel-Rem,  the Ovilus 4,  a vibration pad with 2 light up bears on it and a glow stick.  The plastic cube to the left contains 2 light up balls taken from inside some bears.  Just to see if the the balls could be lit up through the cube.

Investigation in the Hosea Knowlton Room - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
To the left of the closet and in front of the toy chest are the REM-POD and the Paramid.   Not seen,  but directly in front of the closet door was the Laser Trip Wire,  which was successfully used at the Old Washoe Clue and Haldeman Mansion.

Colleen told us the children liked to play a game where a person would lie down on the bed, but their feet would touch the floor.   On occasion,  the children spirits would come over and raise the persons legs in the air like it was a game to them.   So we would give this a try.   Colleen said the children were called Michael and Sally,  though it was not known for sure if this was their names or not.

Before we started,   we introduced ourselves and Colleen vouched for all us being good people and the children should not be shy and come out to play with us.   I made my standard offer  (when I investigate where children spirits might be located),  that if they could light up the 2 bears or any of the other equipment in the room,  I would leave the bears to them as a gift.   We equated these to like carnival games and if they could do it,  they would win a prize.   Not long after said this,  the Ovilus 4 responded.

LB Ovilus 4 #1 - You here a few bells then the Ovilus 4 says the word "Cost".   You hear Colleen and I explain that there is no cost for the kids to play the games.  Well,  that is what we assumed they meant.   We'd shortly later on catch an EVP that might have a different explanation for them using the word "Cost"

Disclaimer:  Any word produced by the Ovilus of any model might be the result of the environment and not spirit manipulation.  There is a 1 in 2048 chance that the word "Cost" is the result of random environment factors.   Over the next 33 minutes, spaced out at different time intervals, ,  the Ovilus 4 said the words: Row,  Pinky,  Huge and Race.  All of which could be random words,  we tried to figure our own interpretations of what the words might mean.   Row, row your boat (children's song),  Pinky swear (children's promise) and race  (children racing) were what we came up with.

I got on the bed first to try to see if the children would come over and lift my legs.  Colleen encouraged them as best she could.   I covered my eyes and challenged them to sneak up on me.   But after about 15 minutes,  there was no sign of activity.  So we decided I was maybe too tough a challenge and we should switch up.    At this moment we caught a very interesting EVP.

Lizzie Borden EVP #6 - Colleen and I decide that maybe somebody else should try the leg lifting game to see if the child spirits will come over and interact with them.   After Colleen says "maybe",  you can hear the faint EVP.  Amplified,  it sounds like a young female saying "10 Cents".   Was the spirit asking us for a dime as payment to move our legs?  Perhaps that is what they meant when the word "Cost" came out over the Ovilus 4.    The spirits were not asking us how much it cost to play the games,  maybe they were telling us there would be a cost to get them to do so!    If that is the case,  clever young entrepreneurs!     Next time,  try offering the kids a dime (big money in 1848) and see if that does the trick!

Casey decided to try the leg lifting game,  but she also had no luck.  We tried to encourage the kids,  but nothing.  Colleen decided maybe it was because there were too many of us in the room,  so she left to go see how the other guests were doing.

Not long after,  we noticed the Paramid light up,  but produced no sound.   As I was just slightly out of range of the 4 foot motion sensor on the side facing me,   I tried rolling around and moving to see if it was me who caused it to light up.   I could not reproduce the event.   We all noticed it.   The funny thing is when I moved close enough to reach the range of the motion sensor,  the alarm would sound.   I tried several times and each time I caused sound to take place.  This is the normal function of the Paramid.     Over the next 15 minutes,  we noted it light up 2 more times,  again with no sound.    The batteries were fresh.   Was it paranormal?  Can't say for sure,  but we all found it interesting.

Macy,  Ally and Arin all felt cold spots at different times in our stay in the room.   The temperature reading on the Mel-Meter stayed roughly between 68F and 69F.   There were no open windows,  no slight breezes and the cold spots would show up and then disappear.   I did not experience this and I don't recall Sam having the experience either.   Perhaps the spirits there only wanted to interact with the girls?

Before leaving the room,  we conducted a P-SB7 spirit box session and had a few interesting replies.  The sweep rate was set for 250ms, AM band on a reverse sweep.  The unit was also concealed in a faraday pouch to cut out more radio station signals.

Note:  Spirit Box clips play the clip 3 times each,  little amplification needed though headphones or earbuds always preferred for better listening.

Lizzie Borden GB #1 -  One minute into the session and a male voice says "Morning Chuck",  followed by a deep, clear male voice that says "Boobs".   Okay,  don't know where to go with that one, LOL.   But "Morning Chuck"?

Lizzie Borden GB #2 -  After a few one word answers,  here is a male voice asking "Is it hot?"   Note the complete lack of background noise from radio stations.

Lizzie Borden GB #3 -  Six minutes in,  I am asking if there are any adults that would like to help the kids get to keep the toys by making something light up.  Over the first 15 seconds,  (60 radio frequencies),  you only hear me and not a peep of any radio station.  At the 16 second mark you hear the male voice reply to me with "Cool"!     Now with our proximity to Boston and Providence,  we should be picking up a lot of AM radio signals.  But with the location on the floor possibly being a dead spot (no pun intended) and the faraday pouch,  those signals are not being picked up by the P-SB7.

Lizzie Borden GB #4 -  Again,  the dead air continues.   At the 6 second mark you hear what sounds like a sneeze  "Achoo"  followed by somebody saying "Night".    Have to say I have never captured a spirit sneeze on the spirit box before!

Lizzie Borden GB #5 -  With not much else going on and a few of us getting ready to call it a night,  I make one last challenge to do something or we are leaving the room.   Right after I finish speaking,  you hear the reply "Don't leave us".   Of course that is hard to hear live because of the white noise over it,  but you can hear it on the replay.   I guess they did not want us to leave!

With that,  I was going to head down to the basement as Casey, Sam and Ally were going back to their rooms to call it a night.   Understandable as everybody had long drives to arrive here and we had to checkout by 10:30AM the next morning so the rooms could be ready for the tours.  Breakfast would be served around 8AM and it was already 11:30PM at this point.    Arin asked if she could continue to investigate with me,  so of course I said yes and we headed off into the basement in search of Mr. Stinky.

Investigating the basement Lizzie Borden House - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
The part of the basement "Mr. Stinky" hangs out in.  The B&B has a ghost cam set up to observe the area and is motion activated.   In this photo you can see the K2 meter and REM-POD set up to try to get interaction with the entity.

There were chairs set up down here in front of the area where the entity resides,  so I set up my camcorder on a tripod to film the area and placed the REM-POD on a snow blower machine.   I placed a chair just in front of the entrance and placed a digital audio recorder on the chair along with the Ovilus 4. 

Arin asked me about my investigating,  so I told her how I started.   At this point the light to the basement was still on,  so I said I was going to go "kill the light.  Then the Ovilus 4 said a word that really was amazing and then an even more shocking EVP!

LB Ovilus 4 #2 & EVP #7 - At the 3 second mark you clearly hear me say "I'm going to kill the light....".   I can't remember where the switch is,  you hear Arin tell me it might be up the stairs.   At the 15 second mark,  the Ovilus 4 says the word "Kill"!   Just 12 seconds later and of course this was amazing.   I ask did it just say Kill and Arin says yes.    So I say that I did not mean in figuratively,  I mean I just wanted to shut the light off.   You hear me walk up stairs when the audio recorder at the 29 second mark catches the EVP.   The EVP sounds like it is saying "I didn't say kill."   The EVP is replayed twice,  amplified and slowed down 10% as it is said fast.

Coincidence that the Ovilus 4 says "Kill" right after I did and this is followed by a male spirit claming he did not say kill?   Wow!

 We began to ask questions when we captured these EVP.

Lizzie Borden EVP #8 -  I asking the entity if it is offended by the term "Mr. Stinky".   A few seconds later a faint EVP is captured.  After amplifying it,  it sort of sounds like it is saying  "Right.....there",  but could be something else.

A few minutes later the Ovilus 4 says the word "Wicked".   As Arin said,  the 2 words that go right with the history of the house!   Then shortly after,  we catch another EVP.

Lizzie Borden EVP #9 -  About 10 minutes later I am asking if lived on the land before the house was built.   Another faint EVP is captured,  slightly louder than the first one.  After amplifying it,  sounds like it is saying "Leave Me",  though again subjective.   

We tried a couple of burst EVP sessions to get a name,  but no replies were captured using that method.

I then went to get the K2 meter and set it up near the REM-POD to see if that would have any luck.   Both devices sat there as we did EVP and asked questions and for equipment manipulation,  not a sign out of either of them.   So we switched over to do a P-SB7 Spirit Box session. This session was night vs. day compared to the one earlier on the 3rd floor.   At least triple the amount of responses and some of these were amazing.   I'm not going to list them all as a video will be made showing the spirit box session,  but these were some of the best replies we got.   I am standing in front of the entrance to the back area to conduct the session.

Lizzie Borden GB #6 -  We just barely start and after I ask it for a name,  the reply I get is  "What's New Chuck?"!   Like we were old acquaintances meeting up for the first time in a while!

Lizzie Borden GB #7 -  About 15 seconds later I ask if they were a member of the Borden family hiding down there (in the basement) and we get a reply "Not at all."!

Lizzie Borden GB #8 -  In this clip,  we get this weird sound and just after I get that chill around me.  So I ask if it is doing it.   At the 5 1/2 second mark of the clip,  the male voice replies "Spirits".

Lizzie Borden GB #9 -  Shortly after I am asking Mr. Stinky if he lived there before the Bordens did.   Just after the 5 second mark on the clip,  we hear a reply  "Yeah",  but in a really weird sounding tone that I have never heard before.   If Mr. Stinky is not a human spirit and is instead an energy/elemental of some type,  is this how they sound when trying to mimic a human voice?

Lizzie Borden GB #10 -  I love when a spirit or whatever decides it wants to be a smart ass on the box.    At the beginning here,  a word is said that at the time sounded like "Turn" to Arin and me.    I repeat the word "Turn" which there is an immediate response "Over"  (Turn-over).   When I ask where do they want me to turn to,   immediate response of "Me"!   When we hear it and laugh,  I say that's great,  where are you.   Faint reply sounds like it is saying "Nowhere".  LOL

Lizzie Borden GB #11 -  While we are trying to get it to manipulate the K2 or Mel-Meter,  we hear the box say "Emma".   I ask if Emma is with us or are they looking for Emma.   Emma was Lizzie's older sister who was out of town at the time of the murders.

The next clip was amazing and it caused me to have an experience I have never had before.

Lizzie Borden GB #12 -  Shortly after in this clip,  at the 2 second mark you hear a female ask "What's that?"   It was a couple of seconds afterward the K2 meter lit up to the yellow 3rd light (out of 5).  I had just started to ask a question when it lit up,  I quickly asked Arin if she had seen it.   I could feel a strong energy around me at this moment.   Then at the 7 second mark,  I try to speak and I get out 2 words.  For the next 4 seconds I could not get any words out of my mouth,  as if I had lost my voice and speaking was impossible.

At around 9 seconds,  a female voice cries out the word "Wolf" very strongly,  though I did not notice it because I was amazed how I could not speak for these few seconds.

Also interesting how the voice asks 'What's that?" just a moment before the K2 lights up.   Was the spirit referring to the K2 and then reached for it to cause the energy spike?   Though that would be odd though because with all the investigators in the house over the years,  surely they would have witnessed plenty of K2 usage by now.   Unless nobody ever explained what the device is,  so they keep asking?

Lizzie Borden GB #13 -  Moments later,  I ask if they can make the K2 light up again and get this odd response that sounds like it is either saying,  "Chuck.... will not let me.".  Now is the spirit saying that I will not let him,  or is the spirit saying it like "Chuck,  (it) will not let me" as if being prevented by something else?   Or is it as the skeptic would say,  its just all radio bleed thus pure coincidence?

Lizzie Borden GB #14 -  Just after I had finished mentioning how the energy made it difficult to speak for a few seconds,  this short clip has a reply to my statement "Really,.... I'm stopping you Chuck!"   Acknowledging that it prevented me from speaking?

There were some other interesting responses,  but those will be saved for the video!  :-)

Arin and I stayed another 15 minutes,  but there was nothing but silence.   The K2 only lit up that one time,  the Ovilus 4 had not uttered another sound and the Rem-Pod stayed silent as well.   So with the rest of the house already retired for the evening,  we decided to go to the sitting room where Andrew Borden was slain.

Investigating the murder scene of Andrew Borden - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
In the sitting room where Andrew Borden was slain.  On the little foot stand we placed out some trigger objects to appeal to Mr. Borden.,  I placed a corn cob pipe,  a can of unopened Snuff made from the Helmetta NJ Snuff Factory and 4 $1000 poker chips.  I claimed I won the money gambling and asked Mr. Borden if he had investment advice as he was a banker.   On the sofa you can see the Rem-Pod,  K2,  digital audio recorder and the Ovilus 4 along with an axe that is left there by the owners.   To the right you can make out a boot and leg.  That is Arin's and not a spirit!  :-)   Photo taken with full spectrum camera

In addition to the trigger objects and instruments,  I also set up the camcorder to videotape for any possible spirit apparitions or light anomalies.    Interestingly,  in the hundreds of photos I took throughout the house and basement,  not a single orb.  Not even dust which is what one would expect to at least catch in a photo or two!

For the first 15 minutes,  we had nothing.   Not even the noises that you would get when the house settles for the evening.  Arin and I tried asking different questions to get a response and we got nothing.   Finally,  I asked if there was anything he felt guilty about doing during his life that he would like to confess to.  You know,  truth is good for the soul sort of thing.   Then we finally got an EVP.

Lizzie Borden EVP #10 -  A few seconds after you hear me mention about this is why he might still be lingering about,  the faint EVP response sounds like it is saying "Whaaaat?"   Like what was I implying by the tone I am picking up.   There are some speculations about his character and things he did that made people not like him (Lizzie excluded),  but I wasn't going to speculate and anger him where he might do something.   Give him the chance to confess.  :-)

Lizzie Borden EVP #11 -  About 5 minutes later,  I get out of my chair to video tape the other rooms.   In the beginning of this clip,  you hear a faint raspy voice,  my footsteps and then I am asking if anybody is in the parlor.   On the reply amplified,  now it sounds like the voice is saying "Come Back", like it didn't want me to leave the room.

Lizzie Borden EVP #12 -   Arin is still on the sofa,  I am walking around the kitchen debunking a sound I heard  (florescent light cooling).   The digital audio recorder picks up this voice saying "No".    Am I not supposed to be in the Kitchen?   Is Arin not supposed to be on the sofa?   Have no idea as neither of us had just asked a question.

Lizzie Borden EVP #13 - I am in the kitchen asking if somebody is in there making something.  A few seconds later,  the same voice comes out again,  but cannot make out what it is saying here.   The audio recorder is still in the room with Arin,  so whomever is speaking,  its in there with her.   But she senses nothing.

Lizzie Borden EVP #14 - Here we are getting ready to wrap it up for the night as its getting late.  We are thanking them if they tried to communicate with us.  The last EVP,  again the same voice as the ones we just got,  says what sounds like "Looking for me?"   This EVP is very faint,  even with amplification,  it is still hard to make out.

With that we wrapped up.  After Arin went upstairs,   I took my camcorder and placed it in a corner of the sitting room and aimed it at the sofa,  but also to cover the doors to the parlor and a side entrance.   I placed the axe on the center of the couch with the Rem-Pod next to it to see if there would be any interaction after I left the room for the night.   I just left it on to record as long as the battery would last (little over an hour).    I also did this as there is a video posted on Youtube of a group that had a static camera twisting around by itself in the early hours of the morning.   I wanted to see if the same thing would happen,  but my camcorder was in the same place as I left it in the morning.

When I went to bed,  I placed a static camcorder to film some trigger objects in Lizzie's room while I slept.   Since the doors to my room where closed,  nobody could manipulate the camera.   I am still reviewing the results of that overnight footage at this moment.    Will update when both camcorders have been reviewed.

The next morning,  Michelle,  one of the guests had told us that she had the feeling of somebody grabbing or touching one of her ankles and lower leg during the night.   Not in a bad way,  but she said there was no denying the feeling she had.    I know that feeling from my first and 2nd stays at the Logan Inn in Pennsylvania!

Old wood burning stove used for morning breakfast at Lizzie Borden B&B
The next morning,  Tim was at the house to prepare an 1890's style breakfast for the overnight guests on this old wood stove (converted to gas).   Potatoes with sausage,  johnny cakes,  fresh eggs,  juice and coffee.   It was a great old-style breakfast that we all enjoyed very much!

We sat around the dining room table,  sans Macy and Sam from Kentucky as they left before we got up for their long drive back home.   The rest of us enjoyed a great breakfast prepared by Tim and shared our stories from the night before and other tidbits about our lives.    Funny how the day before we were all complete strangers and the next morning sitting down to breakfast for almost 90 minutes,  we seemed like old time friends who had a chance to get together for a quick visit.   Like visiting family and friends on the holidays when you live away from home!   Then a quick stop into the gift store out back,  my goodbyes and then it was off on my 4 hour trek home.   Thank God it was sunny,  nice weather all the way back with good traffic for an easy ride!

So what was my impression of my first visit to one of Massachusetts most haunted locations?  Even if the house was not haunted,  to spend the night in a house full of history was amazing in itself.   Colleen is an excellent  hostess and tour guide,  Tim had the house in tip top shape and prepared a fantastic breakfast for us the next day.   Had there been no evidence to collect,  the trip would still have been worth it.

But there was evidence,  a few people had personal experiences from cold chills, to the feeling of being touched.   Capturing 14 EVPs from my arrival till I went to bed and some of the P-SB7 spirit box responses easily rivaled any of the other locations I have been to.

Yes the Lizzie Borden B&B is haunted,  but most guests might never experience anything over the one night visit.  That's how it usually is.  I came prepared and was not disappointed.  There was nothing to be afraid of.  I would highly recommend anybody vacationing in Massachusetts to spend a night here or at worst,  stop by for one of their daily tours and experience a piece of history.   You won't regret it!