Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Old Washoe Club - April 17, 2014

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Investigation # 1  - Old Washoe Club,
(Virginia City, NV)  - April 17, 2014

I am finally finished with the 6 videos it took to complete my 7 hour investigation at the Old Washoe Club!    If you don't have a good movie on tonight or anything fun to watch on TV,  then I have a couple of hours for you!   Some of the best EVP's I have ever captured,  equipment manipulation,  Spirit Box sessions, shadows and more!  

As the process for this is slowly getting done,  I am presenting the bulk of the investigation story on video as putting everything into words and clips of EVPs will not do this story justice.    Here are the links to the Youtube videos as the night happened!

Old Washoe Club Part 1 -  Investigating the Crypt and 2nd floor area - EVPs and unexplained noises! (27:47 length)

Old Washoe Club Part 2 - Investigating the infamous Ball Room - EVPs,  Laser Trip Wire incident and an orb that seems to freeze me for a moment and I don't even remember it!  (23:32 length)

Old Washoe Club Part 3  - Back to the Crypt and then the 3rd Floor for one of the scariest times I have had as an investigator. (25:06 length)

Old Washoe Club Part 4  - Its down to the Musuem and the Spiral Staircase to wrap up the evening.  Little did I know at this time when it seemed quiet,  I would capture some of the most amazing EVP's ever.  (33:28 length)

Old Washoe Club Spirit - P-SB7 Spirit Box Session #1  - This session takes place in the Ball Room (or as as I was told several times by the same spirit - the Day Room!)  One of my best spirit box sessions yet!  (18:24 length)

Old Washoe Club Spirit - P-SB7 Spirit Box Session #2  -  This takes place in the Crypt just after I finished on the 2nd floor and before moving up to investigate the 3rd floor.    (27:48 length)