Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum - July 9, 2016

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Investigation #2 - Burlington County Prison Museum,
(Mt. Holly, NJ)
April 14, 2018

It had been over 4 years since I took my good group of friends (from Bayonne, NJ) on a cemetery investigation in Towanda PA.  We were there for the weekend and since the cemetery was nearby,  they wanted to see what it was like to go out and do a ghost hunt.

Over the years as we would meet on various Sunday's to play Dungeons & Dragons,  once in a while somebody would express interest in wanting to go out and investigate again.   As the New Year came upon us,  I asked the group of they would be interested again,  this time in an indoor location,  that being Burlington County Prison!  Of course everybody was excited about going,  including a few folks who missed out on the Towanda experience  (you can read that blog here.)

With a large group again,  I felt I would need the hand of another experienced investigator to help out for the evening.  Of course I could think of no other than Suzanne Gibson from  Jersey Paranormal Spirit Society LLC.   She was here with me and friends on our first trip to the prison and has had a few previous trips to here as well.    So the date was planned,  only one no-show,  so our group of 9 would be meeting down in front of the Prison.   There would me Suzanne, veterans from the Towanda affair (Dave, Chris and Jared),  Dave's daughter Ciera and her friend Nicole,  Brendan and Carl.   So a few people on their first ever investigation too.  Brendan was an open-minded skeptic,  so it was going to be very interesting to see how he would respond to what would transpire on this evening.    Suzanne and I were expecting some good interaction and as usual, the prison would not disappoint.

For this trip,  I set up a static camcorder covering the basement corridor near the workshop area and one in the hallway right outside the maximum security prison cell.  In that cell there was a heavy chain that, according to claims,  has moved or been heard to move.   If the chain did move during our night there,  we would have a camcorder to record the event.  (Spoiler alert:  It did not move this night.)

We first started off in the workshop area on the basement level,  like the first time we were here.   I handed out some equipment for the group to use and we gathered around the room in a big circle.   Suzanne started us off as we introduced ourselves.  It did not take long before the spirits started to interact with us as we started to get some EVP.

 Use headphones or ear buds in quiet area to hear the EVPs better  Each EVP is played original audio first,   then the EVP is replayed twice,  amplified and/or noise reduction.

Burlington County EVP #1 -  Suzanne is talking about the jewelry she brought.   Right after she mentions string of pearls,  a voice like a little boy comes through.   He talks fast,   it sounds like he is saying " I'm looking."  But when I replay the scene on the camcorder that I have in the room and is much clearer,  the voice is actually saying "Thank You".

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Suzanne showing the string of pearls, while Brendan assists with the flashlight.  Right after she starts to put them away,  female sounding voice says "Thank you."

Interestingly,  seconds later while Suzanne is putting the jewelry away,  Brendan starts fidgeting with the right side of his head and gives his body a shake.  About a second later an orb goes flying away from his chest area as it was captured on video. 

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Screen shot of video.  In between Suzanne and Brendan, you can see the white streak of the orb that flew out of the center of his chest and flew off just seconds after he fidgeted

About a minute later as we were trying to get any spirits there to make a noise to show us they were present with us,  we get the first word of the evening from the Ovilus 4 that Chris was using.  The word was "cupcake".   Interesting as we were not far from the kitchen area, plus spirits of children had interacted with us on our previous trip to the Prison.  The workshop area would have been no stranger to men, women or children when the prison was originally a debtors prison back in the early 1800's.   Was this a child spirit longing to have a "cupcake"?

Then we capture our next of EVP.

Burlington County EVP #2 -  Suzanne mentions that somebody once told her there they loved her,  was it them.  Faint female voice replies.  After being amplified it sounds like she is saying "Enter".

Burlington County EVP #3 -  Here I am explaining to somebody about high EMF.  There is a silent pause until around 5 seconds when the female speaks.  Class A EVP - She is asking  "Where's Beth?"   The name Beth is brought up again by the spirits later on.

Burlington County EVP #4 -  Following the female asking about Beth,  the conversation continues when Brendan is clarifying what I was saying.   Right in the middle of him talking,  another voice that is clearly not any of the group speaks and loudly to the point it echoes.   I believe this is the young boy again.   I think he is saying "I'm in the cell."  This voice was not captured on the camcorder audio.

Burlington County EVP #5 -  Suzanne notes the heating system went on and then I speak.  Around the 6 second mark,  you hear the voice.   Even amplified its very subjective to what the female is saying.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Brendan, Chris and Jared listen intently as things start to get interesting.

At this point with the heating system on, we decided it was too noisy to continue to operate down in the workshop area as this would drown out any potential EVP we might capture.  So we packed up and moved down the hallway to the kitchen area.   Ciera, Nicole and I made our way down the hallway towards the room.   They went inside,  I moved on further down to set up a new piece of equipment.  Before we left,  I placed 10 $1000 poker chips on the fence railing and told the spirits if they could manipulate any of the items in the hallway or make the telephone ring that we placed down on the floor,  they would get the money,  good at the Monte Carlo Casino.  LOL.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018

Carl took the liberty of lining up all the chips on the railing and ran his phone case along the back to ensure the edge of the chips were flush with the railing.   Later on we would be surprised what we found!


Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
The new Mel-TIR created by Gary Galka.  Measures the standard EMF and Temp,  but also has a thermal sensor in the front that will detect heat or cold variances in a 60 degree area and a range of 2-3 meters.  Perfect for trying to detect moving hot or cold spots as a panel of 8 LED lights in the front light up blue or red and will follow movement of these temperature spots from left - right - left.    Did not go off this night, but perfect for monitoring nearby rooms and hallways.

Burlington County EVP #6 -  As everybody is making their way to the kitchen room,  I was setting up the Mel-TIR to monitor the hallway leading to the bathrooms.  As I am telling the girls to hold on ,  again the little boy's voice comes through singing.   It sounds like he is singing "Tie your shoe"?  

Meanwhile,  down the hallway,   the group had stopped not far outside the door to the workshop area when Chris got the word "Solider" on the Ovilus 4.   Now why would that be significant?

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
An old west play set used as a trigger object for the spirit of the young boy.  Placed on a Pad with a mini laser trip wire.  If one of the objects on the pad move,  the pad alarm goes off.  Another "Spy Gear" product for kids, but useful for paranormal investigating.

As the group was leaving the room,  Brendan noticed the K2 meter he was holding started to spike significantly up to a height of around 3 feet.  Once he got above that,  the meter stopped.  It also moved with him.  After they left the room, that is when the Ovilus 4 said  "Soldier".   There were 3 figures with this play set.  One wagon driver,  one Indian and one guy that sort of looks like a Cavalry soldier.   So was this the spirit of the little boy following us, then inquiring about the toy "Solider"?

As we moved down into the kitchen area,  we captured another Class A EVP.

Burlington County EVP #7 -  Here I am noting to everybody that I have set up the Mel-TIR to cover the hallway leading to the restrooms.  On initial review,  I missed this because I thought it was one of the group talking because it was so loud.  However,  listening to the audio on the video,  it was clear now this was not any of my friends speaking because of the voice and what they said.  The spirit replies to me "Ok Chucker".    Nobody from the group has ever called me Chucker in all the years I have known everybody.   This sounds like the voice of like somebody from a cowboy movie portraying a Western type of voice.

We then all moved into the kitchen room where Ciera and her friend were reading off some prayer sheets that were left in there by either another paranormal team or the park staff.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Carl, Dave and Jared in the kitchen area.  Dave is holding a Mel-Meter in view while Jared is reading one of the prayers that was left in the cell.  Dave would experience very high spikes on his Mel-Meter during the course of the night.  Hit-n-run spikes, where it was 0.0mg one moment, then a double digit number and then back to 0.0mg again.

As we were asking questions and getting some good K2 response,   Chris next gets the word "Monachi" on the Ovilus 4.  Brendan remembered that was the name of a Native American tribe.  Though they were located in the western United States,  it was interesting that something with an Native American tribe name was used as the next word that followed "Solider".   Just like the toys from the Old West play set in the hallway.

After a few minutes we brought out the P-SB7 for the first spirit box session of the evening.  These are some of the better responses we got in the Kitchen area.

Burlington County GB #1 - First smart ass answer of the night.  I ask who is there with us.   Voice replies - "Ghost!"

Burlington County GB #2 - We then ask if they can say one of our names for validation.  The reply was faint and we did not hear it at the time,  but at the 8 second mark the older male voice replies "Dave is here.".  On the replay I amplified the clip a little bit.

Burlington County GB #3 - About 3 minutes into the session,  we are asking questions,  not much in answers.   Then in the middle of a silent period where we are listening to the spirit box,  a female voice blurts out "Beth".   Is this the Beth that a female spirit was asking about when we were in the workshop area? 

Burlington County GB #4 - More smart ass answers come out.  We thought we heard somebody say "Si", so I ask if they speak Spanish.   A tough sounding guy first responds  "Come on.......bitch" while somebody with a weird voice talks in the middle of him saying "You rock".    This is quickly followed by another male voice asking..."Do you like porn?"  LMAO!

Each segment played twice at the end of the clip.   Yeah about the banter one would expect in a prison!  But we weren't done yet!

Burlington County GB #5 - Before this part of the clip,  I asked if the spirit there was a prisoner.  There was a lull of silence with some male voice asking about Beth (#3 time Beth is mentioned).   That part is cut out because it was another 15 seconds before this male voice says to me "You stupid jerk."

Note we are getting not just one word answers,  but several words in sentence form in the same voice.   The sweep rate set on the P-SB7 is 250ms in reverse mode.  So 4 AM frequencies have passed in one second,  yet these voices are taking a good 2-3 seconds of time.  Hence 8-12 radio frequencies are passing so we should not be getting multiple words in the same exact voice.

Burlington County GB #6 - Interesting response.  In the first second there is a very faint, but clear female voice saying "Hi."  This is followed by something I cannot make out.  Then I ask if they know what year this is.   Just as I am finished asking,  another spirit,  different voice,  responding  "You talking to me?"  Sounds like somebody out of a 1940's prison movie!

After this we noted that the K2 on the floor had been completely silent.   Since it was sounding quiet,  we said we would give them another minute before heading up to the women's wing.  Then the K2 started lighting up.  We asked if we should go now or wait and were getting conflicting messages.

Burlington County GB #7 - Here Suzanne asks if we should go up to the women's room.  At 5 seconds there is female voice response,  faint, but sounds like she is saying "We'd like to."   At 8 second mark,  loud female voice comes out and says "Minute" which we hear.   What we didn't hear was what immediately followed.    A voice says "yeah" followed by a male voice that tells us to  "Sit in the back."  

We didn't hear it, but when we went up to the women's wing,  we first sat in the back room!

Burlington County GB #8 -  Chris notes the Ovilus 4 said "Knee" before we were getting ready to wrap up the session.  So we asked if they hurt their knee in that room and we get a response!

Burlington County GB #9 -  I ask if they have any messages for Jeff (a friend of the group) and ask the spirits why he didn't want to come.  The response is clear enough here.  LOL

Burlington County GB #10 - After we all finished having a good laugh over the response to Jeff not being there,  we asked again to see if would respond with the same answer.   That spirit didn't answer,  but two others did.  First one sounds like he is saying "Come Visit" and that is immediately followed by another spirit saying exactly what you think it is saying!  Best heard with earphones as this was a faint response.

Yes this is a prison and yes the language is foul!

Burlington County GB #11 - Here I am going shutting down the session.  Doing my count to 5 as usual.  As I say one,  male spirit says "two".    After I say "4",  clear female voice again calls out "Beth".

After the investigation,  I asked if there was a Beth who worked there or was on staff,  but was told no.   So is this Beth a former inmate of the prison?  Maybe somebody who worked there?   I have no idea.

Just before we left the room,  we caught one more whispery EVP.  

Burlington County EVP #8 -  You hear the group chatting after the session.  Right around the 5 second mark you hear Dave say "Nice" just as the voice is picked up.   It's hard to tell what it is saying,  even amplified, but to me it sounds like "Help Me".

As we moved out into the hallway,  Suzanne got major chills from head to toe as the K2 devices started to spike.   We tried to debunk an electrical box in the hallway as the source,  but the K2s would not react when brought up close.   Brendan would move his K2 up and down and found the height of the K2 spike would go from the ground to about 2-3 feet in height then stop.  As if there was a static EMF field that was the size of a small boy.

As were trying to figure out what this was, we captured this EVP.

Burlington County EVP #9 -  You hear the girls who are a bit panicked by what is with us when you hear the clear male voice speak.   It is asking for "Bill".   Like "Beth", there is no Bill with us and thus nobody would be asking for such a person.  But a spirit,  yeah they might be looking for a "Bill".

Then about a minute later,  Suzanne picks up the distinct smell of chocolate in the air.  Several of us picked up on it right away.  Nobody was eating anything around the time,  the girls were not wearing any perfume or anything with a scent.  Plus it happened to be very close to the spot where Suzanne and I got the odor of perfume and cigarettes on our last trip here!

As the girls and some of the group were already heading down the hallway,  we capture a creepy EVP.

Burlington County EVP #10 -  Suzanne is picking up the odor,  either a cigar or chocolate.  Then I pick it up.  You hear the background noise of some of the group moving off.  Then at 10 seconds,  you hear the deep voice yelling something,  followed by the group noise.  After amplifying,  it sounds like it is saying "Keep running".   Since there was a spirit down here before who did not like us in the hallway,  it may have been him again.  Wanting us to clear the area!

Some of continued to stay in the area as Brendan kept getting the hit and run K2 spikes as the source would constantly move away from him.  Suzanne called out at one point did he want some candy and the K2 did a big flash as if to indicate ....Hell Yeah...I want some candy!  LOL.    Then we caught move EVP..

Burlington County EVP #11 -  In the video there is silence until 2 seconds in when you hear the voice call out.  Suzanne asks if they want us to go bring them some candy.   Sounds like a child calling out "Mama".

Burlington County EVP #12 -  You hear Dave asking a question, then a deep, old male voice comes in,  then I mention something about a red light and then there is some chatter among the group.   The voice is asking "Where did you go?".  I initially thought this might be Brendan,  but the voice is much deeper than is and older sounding.

Burlington County EVP #13 -  Here you hear me explaining what the Mel-Meter is reading in milligauss.  Some  other chatter.  As soon as it stops,  you hear the EVP.   Then you near somebody sniff.   Dave then says "Oh boy, I'm smelling a smell".    On playback of the EVP once amplified,  it sounds like the voice is saying "Had to pee."   That did not make any sense at first until I listened further into the recording to hear the sniffs and Dave picking up an odd odor for a second.

We then packed up everything and moved up to the women's wing on the first floor, with a detour into our HQ area to put some equipment back and for a quick break for some drinks.   As we were getting ready to move out,   Chris noted that as he walked past the Warden's office,  the Ovilus 4 said the word "Justice".    Interesting as the Warden would be there to enforce the prison justice.   Or was it the Warden who was murdered who was looking for justice for his killers?

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
The Warden's office where Chris caught the word "Justice" on the Ovilus 4

As I was making my way to the women's wing,  I could hear Suzanne telling some of the people down there that this was a very active area.   Then another amazing EVP.

Burlington County EVP #14 -  Suzanne is heard saying the area is pretty active.  A few seconds later a girls voice booms out.  At first I thought again,  this was one of the girls until I really gave it some scrutiny.   The voice is clearly saying "Dear Old Mum" with a little accent in there.   If this was one of the girls saying this,  don't know why they would,  but they would have used the word "Mom" and not "Mum" as "Mum" is not really an American saying.

We set up in the room the furthest down the hallway and it was tight quarters for us sitting in a circle, with the girls in the hallway.   We sat there for about 20 minutes,  but were not getting any signs of activity.  The girls, who were standing just outside the room, were getting nervous because they were hearing noises and whispers down back towards the main hallway.

We started making our way out and back down the hallway a few of guys went into the first room and were looking at some of the graffiti on the walls.   The Ovilus 4 then said the words "writing" and then "cement".  Now most words that come out of the Ovilus (any model) seem completely random as there is a 2000+ word data base they are drawn from.   Very interesting about the words "justice" coming out by the Warden's office,  then the words "writing" and "cement" come out while the guys are in looking at graffiti written on the walls.  Walls which were nothing more than stone and cement!

Since it looked like this room was showing something possibly going on,  Suzanne went in and put her jewelry on the floor.   Dave immediately picked up spiking on the Mel-Meter as he held it over the jewelry,  in particular the strand of pearls that was put out.    Then the Ovilus 4 said the word "tag".  Was the spirit wanting us to "tag" or note the picture on the wall or was the spirit playing tag and  saying that Chris was now "it"?  :-)

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Vintage video arcade game where you could be tagged as "it" by an item that would draw creatures towards you.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
The picture drawn in the cell where the Ovilus 4 said the words "cement", "writing" and then "tag".

As we were looking at the picture,  my chest started to feel odd and then I had a coughing fit.   Like somebody who was trying a cigarette for the first time and the coughing reaction.  Suzanne was also feeling something odd,  but more of a nausea feeling.  Though she did say she felt a tickle in her throat too.

Dave then was waving the K2 over the jewelry again.   We asked if it could make it light up again,  we would do a spirit box session in this room.  For a few seconds it was silent,  then the K2 started flashing over the pearls again!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Dave getting a reaction on the K2 meter over the pearls.  You can make out the 2nd green light lit on the meter.

After a little bit,  the K2 went silent again,  as if the spirit that was interested in them lost interest.   We then  brought out the "Shack Hack" modified Radio Shack radio to try a spirit box session in this room.   We did get some pretty interesting responses in here.   A lot quieter than the P-SB7 for background noise.

Burlington County GB #12 -  Two good responses to start.   You hear me say a few words before the word "Mother" is called out.   Then at the end of the clip somebody says "The Cop!"   Are they referring to a member of our group is in fact a police officer?  Each replayed twice at end of clip.

Burlington County GB #13 - Here I ask what their name is.  A few seconds later somebody replies,  "Which one?".   So I guess there was more than one spirit present,  being a smart ass instead of saying his name lol.

Burlington County EVP #15 -  Here instead of a spirit box reply, we get a Class A EVP.    Chris is asking if they are the one who was making the voice box (Ovilus 4) speak.  Somebody says softly answer the question.    Female reply is a crystal clear "No"!   Great intelligent response!

Burlington County GB #14 - While asking about the jewelry, in this clip you hear Suzanne ask if they like the gold the best.   The response?  Male voice asking "Okay, who is offering it?"    Since the Shack Hack also does a scan of frequencies like the P-SB7,  we should not be getting the same voice asking a full sentence that obviously skips through several radio frequencies in the 2 seconds of the voice.

Burlington County GB #15 -  About a minute later,  I asked for a light to check the Shack Hack to see if it had stopped scanning, the one bane about the unit that it will sometimes stop scanning.   While there is silence,  there is a female voice that says something I cannot make out at first,  but then finishes with "Tell me Chuck!".   Even amplified I cannot make out what the female spirit is trying to say.   I didn't hear my name at the time, but about 30 seconds later......

Burlington County GB #16 - name is called out again louder this time where everyone heard it!   When I acknowledge,  I also acknowledge my head is starting to hurt  (sign of a strong presence near me).   Then a faint male voice is heard saying something.  On the replay and amplified,  he is saying "I'm having this."   Whatever that means.

Burlington County GB #17 - Odd call out.  Male voice in a sad tone says "Scott's dead.".   Followed up by a female responding "Tough."  Like she could care less!

Burlington County GB #18 - This one was missed because we were chatting,  but sounds like the voice says " my friend."   Glad to know I have some friends there!

Burlington County GB #19 - About a minute later we are asking if they like the pearls the best.   Yet again the spirits ask about Beth with this creepy question "What happened to Beth?"

Burlington County GB #20 - In this clip we hear Chris talking, followed by a spirit now saying "Eric's Dead."  We hear it,  you hear Dave ask "Dead?" , then a voice comes out of the spirit box that says "I'm Dead".  Is this a spirit named Eric acknowledging that he knows he's dead?   Both voices replayed after clip.

Burlington County GB #21 - Nearing the end of the session,  we were letting the box run to see if we could get anything else.  Then we catch a voice saying "Believe in him".   As there was a lot of graffiti on the walls referring to Jesus and being repented ,  is this a spirit telling us to believe in Christ?

We then packed up and made our way to a museum type room on the 2nd floor where we brought out the Paranormal Puck.  Chris picked up the words "Step, Scruple, Peter" after he walked near the model ship on display in the room.

Model of a ship in the museum room on the 2nd floor.

Burlington County EVP #14 -  As I am explaining about the Puck,  a male voice shouts out over me "Talk".   Does not like sound any of the group and there is no follow up by the voice.

Burlington County EVP #15 -  In this clip,  Carl is calling out the spirit about scruples.   This is answered with a Class A EVP saying "She's Sarah."   We have no Sarah in the group,  hence why would anybody bother to say this?

While conducting the Puck session,  we started hearing strange knocks and bangs from the hallway.   Later upon some investigating for the sound,  it was discovered that the radiators down the hallway had kicked in,  causing the noise, so we were able to debunk that as a natural cause for noise.

Then the Ovilus 4 put out  another batch of 3 words,  "Norman, Coffin, Below".

With the Puck not really getting any type of meaningful response,  we made our way down the hall to the maximum security cell where I had been videotaping with a static camcorder to see if the big chain would move or make a noise (it did neither this night).

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Screen grab from static camcorder watching the chain in the maximum security cell.  Reports of hearing chain moving from previous investigators and museum workers,  but camcorder caught nothing on this night.

Suzanne,  Ciera,  Nicole and myself went in to do some EVP and spirit box work while the rest of the group headed down into the basement area to investigate on their own.   When the other group split off,  we captured a EVP of a spirit who was not happy with us being there.

Burlington County EVP #16 -  As the ladies and I are setting up in the security cell,  you can hear the voice as if it is out in the hallway yelling at the guys while they are on their way to the basement.   Not surprising since there seems to be a spirit or two there that do not like visitors.  Sounds like the voice is saying "Get out Damnit"!

Suzanne brought out a deck of cards to entice some activity and we would alternate asking questions, but no EVPs were captured inside the cell during this time.  We brought out the spirit box and got some interesting responses again!

Burlington County GB #22 - We are about 2 minutes into the session with not much results until we hear the voice (about 2 seconds in) respond "Hi" which we all hear and acknowledge.   At the 3 1/2 second mark,  a male voice comes out and clearly says "There are kids up here." immediately followed by a female voice calling out "Chuck".     Ciera and Nicole are both teenagers.    If this is all coincidence as a skeptic would claim,  that is one of the wildest coincidences that a radio voice would happen to say there are kids up there, when in fact there are kids up on the 2nd floor at this time.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Suzanne trying to entice the spirits with a game of cards in the maximum security cell.

Burlington County GB #23 - I had asked the question if they minded that there were women up in the prison cell (said before the clip).  This was followed by about 15 seconds on static and noise.  Then this voice popped out.  On reply it sounds like the male is saying "Their prison".

Burlington County GB #24 - I ask again about how they feel about them having women in their cell.   A male voice comes out and over the course of 2+ seconds (9 AM frequencies passed in the sweep), in the same voice says "I'm you".   Then a voice calls out "Burke" followed by another male voice who says "Burke" in a softer voice.  Immediately after the 2nd Burke is said,  the first voice who called out "Burke" is heard saying "Stab you."   That is the name that Brendan's friends call him and apparently a spirit does not like him!   Hey somebody being called out besides me!

Burlington County GB #24a -  This was missed earlier,  but right after the "stab you",  we ask if they are asking for Burke.   At the 6 second mark,  the male voice replies "We did" followed up 2 seconds later with the words "leg iron".  Gee what a big coincidence we are in the maximum security cell with an leg iron attached to the prisoner mannequin!

Burlington County GB #25 - Another smart ass response.   A voice sounds like it is saying "I think you're an idiot.".  I hear this and respond asking if they just called me an idiot.  Without a seconds hesitation, the deep male voice replies "I did"!  LOL

Burlington County GB #26 - During a pause in the questioning,  voice again calls out "Burke"!

There were a few more faint call outs for "Burke", so we asked if they wanted us to bring him back here, but nothing in the way of yes or no.  So we said screw it,  Brendan is coming back to the cell to sit for a while.   While I grabbed him to bring him back and sit for a spell,  I gave him a walkie-talkie to call us if anything happened,  while everybody was getting ready to head outside to the gallows area.

When I got downstairs,  an interesting discovery was made by the guys.    The poker chips that were lined up perfectly and spaced apart on the fence in the workshop area by Carl had been moved.   Not just moved,  but moved together so they were touching.  The chips were still perfectly lined up except one that was pushed back just a smidge.  Everybody was questioned about touching the poker chips,  everybody denied it.   I double checked the camcorder footage to be sure nobody went down there on their own, but there was no sign of anybody who went into the room and were alone.   We tried to debunk this, but unless somebody smacked the metal fence hard,  there is no way the chips would have moved like that.  Let alone to the point they were still lined up but now touching.  

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Pictures taken when Carl lined the poker chips up on the fence railing in the workshop area.  They were spaced apart and all the chips were lined up perfectly on the edge.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
The chips as they were discovered after the guys came down from being on the 2nd floor.  All the chips have now been pushed together and lined up still perfectly with the edge of the railing sans one chip.  Again we tried to debunk this by bumping into the railing,  impossible to duplicate.  The fence is bolted into solid concrete and stone so its not loose.  There was no air current,  though a wind current strong enough to push the chips around would not have pushed them to the point they touched each other and still lined up on the edge of the railing.   All people involved in the investigation swore they did not touch the chips.  Camcorder footage of the hallway next to the room shows no sign of any single or unknown person entering the room while we were all upstairs.

I radioed up to Burke in the cell and asked him if he had touched the chips,  he said no.  We questioned the girls who were back in the HQ area by the Warden's Office,  they said no.  

As we went outside with the Park Ranger Cathy to go check out the gallows area,  Dave told us that when they first went outside with the Ovilus 4,  the word "horrible" came out!   Very interesting,  I'm sure a hanging would have been a horrible way to die,  especially if you did not die instantly from a broken neck and instead suffocated to death.

As we went outside,  Burke was upstairs in the security cell and was asking some questions,  there were a couple of faint EVP replies,  but too faint to make out what was being said.   He felt absolutely nothing so after about 20 minutes he left to come down and join us in the courtyard outside.   I guess who was threatening to "stab him" got chicken once he got up there.   Probably a guy who acted tough when nobody was around to meet his challenges face to face, but when actually confronted face to face,  they got all quiet and afraid LOL.

Now back outside,  I kept rolling on the audio recorder,  did not think we would catch anything outside.  It was a little windy and chilly,  brought out the K2, a Rem-Pod and went back to the tree where Joel was said to have been buried.

Dave doing a EMF reading by the tree in the back of the courtyard.  Rem-Pod and K2 meters positioned by the tree.

Yet,  as I like to say,  expect the unexpected.

Burlington County EVP #17 -  Ranger Cathy told us to go over by the tree.   I walk over and ask if Joel is here.  All of a sudden a breeze picks up as you can hear in the recorder then a very eerie sound comes out.  We did not hear this sound as nobody comments on it.   Maybe its a natural sound from someplace,  but the timing of it plus how eerie it sounds is interesting.

There were a few more odd sounds picked up the recorder,  but since we were outside it was hard to determine if it was from a natural source or not.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Chris and Jared, contemplating on how to escape the prison!  Climb the massive wall or tunnel out!  :-)

After a bit we made our way back inside and met back up with Suzanne and the girls.   We made our way back to a wing on the second floor near the mannequins.   Then we proceeded into what would have been the shower area where Carl pulled out the soap bar as a trigger object!   No spirits bit on that old gag though LOL.  Though Suzanne told us we were in the shower area the women would have used,  so I guess that's why the gag didn't work so well.

We did put some equipment down on the floor and again we asked for interaction.  We did pick up this very faint EVP.

Burlington County EVP #18 -  This clip you hear me saying we want to give the spirits a chance to tell their side of the story.   I cut out about 30 seconds of dead air here since the EVP comes up near the end.  It is right before Carl speaks,  but it is one of the very faint ones.  On the reply,  first I amplify the EVP so you can hear the voice.   On the 2nd set of replays,  I use noise reduction to remove the static background noise.   It sounds like a male spirit saying "Let go of it".  Then after a second another voice sounds like it is saying "Help".

We then made our way back to the basement, since this was where we were getting a lot of equipment interaction.   The Ovilus 4 said the word France,  which amazingly was a subject of topic for Ranger Cathy earlier in the day before the investigation.  She was telling a friend how much she missed it and wanted to go back!

I wanted to do one last spirit box session in the basement and the next few minutes got quite exciting!

Burlington County GB #27 - I ask if they moved the poker chips and the response is fast, direct and quite telling!   "We did!" This is followed by shortly after by a faint "yes"!  Double confirmation!

Burlington County GB #28 - Here I ask if the person that moved the chips can identify themselves.  After a few seconds a female voice comes through and says "Crack the leather",  which doesn't make any sense.  Then you hear the spirit box start to make a weird noise.

Then all of a sudden on top of the weird noise the speaker was making,  all of a sudden we started to smell something burning,  like an electrical type of burn.   I smelled the speaker and sure enough, that was where the smell was coming from!

Now the item runs on 3 AAA batteries and never had an issue before.  So kinda of a coincidence then doing a spirit box session in the basement, where some spirits don't like people around, and that speaker starts burning.   Was a spirit tired of us trying to get info from the box and took it out to stop us?

Just to note,  I have used that speaker since then at Hill View Manor a couple of months later and the speaker worked fine,  though it does still have that burn smell to it.  

Since I don't like to be thwarted,  I wanted to get another speaker from upstairs.  Of course when I come back down,  major action was taking place.   The Mel-Meter with the REM antenna started to go off and give Suzanne some really high EMF spikes.   Chris was doing a little dancing to get it going and sure enough the Mel-REM was going off quite nicely!  Suzanne was getting quite the chills during this interaction which lasted a couple of minutes.   

The milligauss reading jumped from low number up to an 11.1mg according to Suzanne who was reading it.   Another interesting fact,  Suzanne said all week the number 111 had been coming up all week.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Suzanne holding the Mel-REM as it shows a very high 10.8mg reading.  Also note the 2nd light just above the numerical readout is lit up.  Something was directly in front of Suzanne near the antenna that you can see as it sort of blocks out Jared's face as he sits by the wall a few feet away.  This was just outside the entrance to the Workshop area where just minutes earlier,  the speaker for my spirit box had to be shut down due to a burning smell coming from inside of it.  This is screen shot from my camcorder as I managed to get some of this on video.

It started up for a little bit again after I arrived,  then went silent.  We asked if it would ring the telephone,  but no luck there!

I then broke out the back up speaker and started to use it,  when we get an amazing response.

Burlington County GB #29 - You hear me say "This speaker is", when the female voice comes through.  I finish by saying that it's not the greatest,  but will do in a pinch.   The female is saying "Break it".   Did they break the first speaker because they don't like it so she is asking for another spirit to break this one as well?

The speaker sound for the back up speaker didn't work out to well,  so that ended the last spirit box session of the evening.

As it was getting close to the end of the evening,  I had to go around and pick up the equipment I left through out the building in static positions.   Of course as I am doing this,  the others scatter about for their last minute photos and relaxing back in the temporary HQ we set up in the gift shop room.   But I always try to record as I am walking about because you never know what you are going to get,  especially when alone!

 Burlington County EVP #19 -  Just before this clip starts,  I had said I was going to take a photo of the Kinect set up and the area.   In this clip near 2 seconds in,  you hear the female voice reply "No".   Then around the 7 second mark there is a male voice.  On the replay, you hear what sounds like a male saying 'Who's the man?"  A quote that myself and Chris had used a few times earlier in the evening.  Is the spirit using it since we said it earlier?

As I had gathered my equipment and was putting it away,  Carl and Dave were helping bring stuff back to the HQ room.  As I was packing up the equipment for the end of the night,  Carl and Dave were hanging out in the room with me,  while everybody else was doing their last minute touring.   Looks like one male spirit decided to hang with us in the room too.

Burlington County EVP #20 -  You hear me just putting some stuff away when you hear the male voice speak.  Amplified it sounds like he is either saying "Joe"  or perhaps "Joel"?  As In Joel Clough?  One of the most infamous spirits in the prison,  executed for murdering his girlfriend when she turned down his marriage proposal?

Joe or Joel was not finished speaking to us just yet.

Burlington County EVP #21 -  You hear some background chatter between us.  At 7 second mark you hear the same voice ask "What?"  Guess he didn't understand what was being said.    This happens about 1 1/2 minutes after the name is said.

Burlington County EVP #22 -  Some background noise followed by the voice letting out a loud "Ahhhh" sound.   A few seconds later as Carl is speaking,  the voice calls him a "Coward"  An appropriate last EVP of the night from possibly one of the Prison's most notorious spirits.

 We then packed up our belongings and got ready to leave.  First though,  I set up my digital camera to take a group photo of everybody sitting on the front steps to the prison.  Lo and behold,  we had an extra guest pose with us!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Burlington County Prison Museum Investigation,  April 14, 2018
Group photo to end the night.  Notice the orb over Dave's head by the front door.

To note,  a bunch of the group had their first investigation experience at an old graveyard in Pennsylvania.  We took a group photo to end the night and got this photo....

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda Cemetery

I guess with the Bayonne group,  the spirits like to join us for the group photos too!

So a second trip to Burlington County Prison Museum was just the type of investigation that was loaded with equipment interaction,  plenty of EVP and spirit box intelligent responses and some possible poltergeist activity.  Everybody had a great night,  some good laughs,  some great experiences.   Now I have to plan the group to an overnight trip some place just as exciting!   As always, it was great to work with Suzanne again,  she is top rate investigator and she had no problem working with a group of people she did not know and had a lot of fun with them too!

My thanks again to Marisa Bozarth from the the Burlington County Prison Museum who helped set up our investigation and answered all my pre-investigation questions.   Also thanks to Rangers John and Cathy,  who came and let us in and were our caretakers for the evening. 

If your a paranormal group in New Jersey looking for a great place to investigate,  easy to get to and not that expensive ($350 for up to 10 folks when we booked),  then I highly recommend  investigating here.

More information can be found on their website -