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Investigation #4 - Chestnut Hill Cemetery, (East Brunswick, NJ)
- November 2, 2013

One month after I took a group of friends on their first ghost hunt investigation,  I was now set to take a second group of friends on their first official investigation.   Except this group of friends was quite unique in that it consisted of Reiki energy healers (I'm a White Light Reiki Level 3 myself), sensitives and an empath / medium.

This group of friends I have all met through Reiki Hands of Hope,  where I have studied and been certified in White Light Reiki.

After we met,  we kept to the historical side of the cemetery where I had investigated previously.  I had certain hot spots where I had good interaction and I wanted to see if everybody would be drawn to the same areas that I had been.   I gave out some instruments for the group to use and I started off by having us do a walk through so everybody could get a feel for the area.  After walking back around to our starting point,  we would then go back to the areas where the group had certain vibes.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

Walter is up to the upper left using a Mel-Meter.  From left to right is Dana, Elena and Amy.   The grey streak across the girls is not paranormal,  it is lens flare caused by the sun, as is the rainbow color in the lower right hand corner.  A follow up picture had the same streak in it.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

On top of a small hill near a ring of tombstones,  left to right is Walter in the foreground,  with Dana, Karen and Joann standing outside the circle.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

Joann walking past the odd burial plot I had visited on my trips here before.   Nothing of interest happened here during our investigation.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

Here,  Joann is using the full spectrum camera.   Walter,  Elena, Amy and myself in one of the hotspot areas.  Amy is behind me sensing something from one of the tombstones.

During our walk through,  we caught this very sad Class A EVP of what sounds like a sobbing female calling out to us.

Chestnut Hill 4 EVP #1 - This is one of the longest and clearest sounding EVPs I have seen recorded.  The first part sounds like she is saying "He doesn't know" followed by a couple of words that are hard to make out but end with her saying "....if you can hear me please!"   This clearly was not any of the group speaking, let alone in a sad tone like this.   I can pictures this like a female who just died and is desperately trying to reach out to the living, but cannot be seen or heard. 

As we continued our walk around,  we passed a group of tombstones where Elena got a strong feeling about the family buried here.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

These dated back to some children that passed in the late 1800's and the parents in the 1900's.   As we were talking, we captured an EVP here.

Chestnut Hill 4 EVP #2 - We are discussing something,  with a question asked.  I can't hear the question because of an airplane that has flown overhead.   As we are bantering for moment, at the 7-8 second mark of the audio you can hear a breathy sigh followed by what sounds like a female saying no.   Looped twice with audio amplified to hear the EVP better.

After we made our tour around the historical area,  we made our way back to the top of the highest point in the cemetery.   Amy was not liking the area we were headed back to,  Elena the medium sensed a male spirit in the area that was not very nice and did not like having us there.   We set up here for an EVP and Spirit Box session.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

Unbeknownst to us at the time, we had a female spirit nearby who called us out with a nasty sounding challenge when we walked by this area on our walk though as this EVP was captured on the audio recorder Karen was holding.

Chestnut Hill 4 EVP #3 - As I am setting up and everybody is milling around for a moment,  this Class A EVP is from a female who is saying "Hit me or miss."   Is she calling out the group to try to sense her presence?   EVP replayed twice, no enhancements needed for the audio.

Well coming back to this area on the go around got something a bit upset with us as some of the girls started to feel queasy and I started to feel a pressure on the back of my neck,  as if something was squeezing me.  Not painful,  but a slight discomfort that I did not have until I set up here to do a spirit box session.   Of course the spirit box did not disappoint.

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #1 - Of course right off the bat,  my name is called out.   My name is always called out on the Spirit Box.   I had been here 3 times previously,  so any spirits there already are familiar with who I am.

Which leads to the question I am frequently asked,  "Aren't you creeped out when you hear your name being said?"   Not really.   I've heard my name said so many times by now it doesn't faze me.  I already know I'm on the radar,  so no,  it doesn't scare me or creep me out.  

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #2 - Since some of the group is feeling dizzy or a bit nauseous and I am feeling the neck pressure,  I ask if they don't like having psychics and sensitives there that can sense them.  Six seconds after I ask the question,  the male spirit that Elena has picked up replies, "Nope!".   We all hear it.   This is followed up by a male voice saying "Stop."   A few seconds later,  a female voice also says "Stop" as we all heard this. 

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #3 - We hear a male voice say "Go" shortly after we asked if they wanted any type of help.  When I ask if they just want to be left alone,  the male voice replies immediately and very fast "Go away!"

Respecting the wishes of what he had heard,  we decided to stop the session and move away and down the hill towards the next stop on our investigation.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

I had captured some good spirit box responses here on my first trip and the group had strong vibes here.  This area had more to do with love between the spirits and not the meanness that we encountered at the top of the hill.  We set up to do a spirit box session here and it got very interesting again.

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #4 - A few minutes into the session, we had heard the name Jennifer come though.  After a couple of minutes of gibberish,  we asked if Jennifer was still there.  At 12 seconds into the clip, you hear a female voice say very quickly, "Definitely!"   After Dana and I repeat what she had said,  the female voice comes out again with "Here".  At the 17 second mark,  I start to speak but stop as the female voice comes though yet again,  clearly saying " I'm right here."  

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #5 -  After somebody thought they heard Amy's name come through (it was too faint to make out),  I asked if they liked Amy being there and we got a quick reply!  :-)

Then the Spirit box sounded very strange and then went dead.   Fully charged batteries had been drained out.   Dana's camera batteries had been partially drained too. Here is a long clip of what happened. 

Chestnut Hill 4 EVP #4 -  At the end, there is an EVP in the last 2 seconds.  I cannot make out what it is saying, but it sounds like two words being spoken through the white noise.

Fortunately,  I had learned my lesson a long time ago about batteries being drained, so I had fresh ones with me to replace the dead ones with.   We continued the session for another few minutes,  but nothing really noteworthy came out of it.

We then crossed the road over into an area where a bunch of Veterans were laid to rest.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

Over here,  both Amy and Dana had felt a pressure in their head,  but more like they were sensing how one of the people in this area had died.  Maybe a stroke?   Then Dana noticed the Mel Meter spiked to a 2.5mg for a moment,  a very high energy output.  So we started a spirit box session to see what would happen over here.

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #6 - I had just asked if a particular spirit was there with us.   Right after you hear me at the 7 second mark of the video, you hear a female voice reply with what sounds like "Hello......Christine" or "Hello....Kristy".   Either way, its the same voice that spans about 5-6 radio stations in about 1.5 seconds,  hardly radio bleed through.

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #7 -  After a few minutes where it sounds like multiple voices are coming through,  we ask how many spirits are there with us and get the reply,  "Five."

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #8 -  After trying to figure out what spirits might be present,  we hear a male voice say what sounded like 'Whiskey".  As we are deliberating as to if we heard that word or not,  we hear the word "whiskey" again!  When asked if they are thirsty,  the voice replies, "yeah!"

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #9 - Shortly afterward, we hear a voice say "Walter".   Walter is lying down on the grass near us taking a rest.  Is this the spirit acknowledging Walter's presence?

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #10 - At the time,  I though I had heard the name Lynn come through several times.  When I called out asking who had the wife named "Lynn", at the 8 second mark you hear a faint voice come through and say "Dennis".   The name is replayed twice with noise reduction and amplified so the name can be heard better.   A quick internet search trying to find a couple named Lynn and Dennis cannot be found at Chestnut Hill.

We pledged to come back and visit again,  maybe do a shot of whiskey with them to honor them and the service to our country as believed the spirits of the veterans were communicating with us here.  A nice group of spirits!

From there we decided to make one more trip and this was back to the family burial area that Elena had strong feelings about when we were first making our tour around the historical part of the cemetery.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

We started a spirit box session over here, but at first we were not getting any responses.  As the family's tombstones made a lot of reference to Jesus,  we thought they were ignoring us or were afraid of us.  After all its been close to 70 years since these people had passed.  To show up with strange looking devices,  they may have thought we were doing the devils work.  In the picture above,  I am showing my cross to show that we are good people and have the best intentions.

Then Elena picked up that the reason why this family was not talking to us.   They weren't afraid of us,  they were afraid of the guy from the top of the hill  (well call him John).  Even after respectfully leaving his area upon request,  he followed us over to this family's plot and was basically bullying them to be quiet. 

Now if you don't believe in what a medium can pick up,  that's understandable.   But when I called out to the family during the spirit box session to ask if they knew "John",  we got a reply that we did not hear at the time, but I picked up on the playback.

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #11 - I am asking if they know John.  I erased the last name for privacy reasons.  At the 9 second mark, you hear a whispered, sinister sounding male voice say, "Want me?"  Replayed twice at the end.   To me this confirms what Elena had picked up.  I am asking about John and he replies do I want him?

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #12 - While having nothing to do with John or the family,  we pick up a male voice with an accent introducing himself as "Phillip."

Chestnut Hill 4 Ghost Box #13 - After Amy tells John that we work with angels and if need be,  there are a lot of Archangels that can be called upon to deal with him and his graveyard bullying,  that pressure to the back of my neck starts again.  The girls start feeling a bid odd again too,  just like when we were at the top of the hill.  When I tell John his tricks are not going to scare me as I've had worse done to me by things bigger and badder than him,  I get the quick reply, "nope!".   Yes John,  yes I have.  :-)

We all created a united front and in the end Elena said he packed it in and retreated back to his spot at the top of the hill.  Amy called for a blessing from the Angels and to keep John locked into his location so he could not wander around the cemetery to bully any of the other spirits around.

Then before we left,  I checked the Mel Meter that Walter had been holding.  I had set it up to record the high and low readings as we went up to this location and upon checking the max reading,  I was very surprised to see this.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chestnut Hill Cemetery Investigation

For those of you unfamiliar with Mel Meter readings,  a typical reading one might get during an investigation usually ranges from 0.1 to 2.0.    A 6.0 in an area of no power sources is rare.   I checked the Mel Meter against cell phones that have been turned on and got flat readings.  Nobody received any phone calls,  nobody received any texts during this time.    Walter was standing close to me when my head was getting that pressure again.    Elena said John was angry when we stood up to him.

Earlier a 2.5 and now a 6.0?  The highest reading I ever got any where at this cemetery when I investigated by myself was a 0.5. 

We packed it up at this point, said our final blessings,  nobody allowed to leave with us,  the standard goodbye!

I am still pretty amazed at everything that happened on this investigation.  My prior 3 trips here had been kind of on the quiet side,  some evidence, but nothing like what we caught on this day.   I was also pretty surprised that the group zeroed in on the same spots that I had on my previous trips.  To me this was a validation of what I had done here previously.   We are already talking about another trip to another cemetery or possibly haunted location.  It will be interesting to see what we come up with on our next group investigation!   This was a lot of fun for me,  I am looking forward to doing it again soon!